First create an Alarm Panel device. You can add multiple panels if needed. It is also possible to select whether the panel is a PowerMax or PowerMaster model. As soon as communication with a PowerMax panel has been established, the pairing will move to the second screen. In the second step the panel will need to be brought into Powerlink mode. This enables the application to retrieve all information from the panel, like zone names, pin codes etc.

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Made some bug fixes 0. Commented out phone number decoding as creating exceptions. Include phone number decode with an exception handler just in case. Added more Dutch translations. Handle Access Denied when entering wrong pin code. A few bug fixes. This works best in powerlink mode. In Standard mode I make a guess that when the panel is armed and a device is triggered then the alarm must be sounding. This means that a sensor can only have 2 states, off or on.

I have done what I can to get the device class correct but you can change this in your customize configuration section, see below. Remember that the state is now off or on and not "-", "T" or "O". Within a sensor, zone tamper and device tamper are now different. Tamper no longer triggers the alarm sounding in HA, only the siren sounding does this now. This Component has a different file structure, please delete all previous files. Update operation when panel connection is lost.

Move when Time is Synchronised to be more accurate Powermax only. Update A7 decode as Powermaster 10 series sends unknown A7 data. Update powerlink timing to hopefully improve reliability. I have also added "exclude" lists for sensors and x10 devices, added additional config parameters, see below 0.

Also added the ability to set the Download Code from the configuration file 0. Added "zone tripped" attribute to the sensors. Assume siren is not active when panel disarmed. Process access denied messages from panel better. I should only do this for A5 messages. Also, courtesy of olijouve, a French language translation.

Tidied up log entries. Trigger restore if expected not received in 10 seconds. There is no Frontend for this, just a service for you to call. Note that the B0 Experimental function is still in there too. It still also includes the B0 experimental decode for sensors too. Feedback on both of these would be appreciated.

Experimental release from 0. This is for the older powermax users. Next try! Next Next try! Next Next Next try! More tries! PowerMaster Experimental function retained. Note that the original Powermax is not supported as it doesn not provide the powerlink protocol. Added service to close and reconnect to the panel, it is visonic.

Updated new service call code to keep alarm panel in frontend. Added code to flush the receive buffer. Realised that 0. Altered the new service call operation to be compatible with the disconnect procedure. Updated B0 Experimental message processing. Updated timeout sequence. If in download then go to Standard Mode and retry Download in 90 seconds.

Shortened download timeouts as they are generally much faster now. No change to B0 Experimental message processing. Several configuration. Minor Functional Change. Minor Functional Change battery status. Detect when no data received from panel from the start up to 30 seconds then something wrong. Code updated to reflect this and added new readme section about panel types.

Moved most of the info to the wiki. A "message" is also added. Either an 11 or 12 HA event is generated. Major change but hopefully not a breaking change.


Visonic powermax+ User Manual

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