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Corresponding author. Received Dec 28; Accepted Feb Sustained release or controlled release products have became popular for the oral administration of such drugs because they give more consistent blood levels.

Sustained release or controlled release with zero order release kinetics maintains plasma concentration of such types of drugs at constant level for better effect. The increased need for patient compliance and demand for improved therapeutic efficacy of propranolol Hydrochloride necessitates controlled release drug delivery system with zero order release kinetics.

Literature survey indicated a few methods published describing approaches for sustained release formulations of propranolol hydrochloride. Sanghavi et al. Velasco-De-Paola et al. Mohammadi-Samani et al. Polyvinyl acetate is a very plastic material that produces a coherent matrix; the water soluble povidone is leached out to form pores through which the active ingredient slowly diffuses outwards. HPMC is the dominant hydrophilic polymer carrier used for the preparation of oral controlled drug delivery systems 9.

It has been used widely for development of sustained release dosage forms such as matrix tablets of high water soluble drugs 1. A comparative study of controlled release matrix tablets of diclofenac sodium, ciprofloxacin hydrochloride and theophylline using HPMC has been reported Also controlled release matrix tablets of verapamil hydrochloride using HPMC K15 as release control polymer has been reported The effect of pH of the dissolution media and hardness on the release profile from the formulations and the effect of storage on the stability and release profiles were also investigated.

Double distilled water was used throughout the study and all the other chemicals used were of analytical grade. The drug was characterized by various official tests of identification. The samples Propranolol hydrochloride or formulations PrH3 and Pk3 were previously ground and mixed thoroughly with potassium bromide, an infrared transparent matrix, at Sample:KBr ratio, respectively.

All accurately weighed samples about 1. An empty aluminum pan was used as reference.


Technical Information: Kollidon SR

Sahoo P. Murthy S. Corresponding author. Received Jul 29; Accepted Nov 5.

LEY 20501 PDF

Effect of Kollidon® SR on the release of Albuterol Sulphate from matrix tablets

Read more Solid Dispersions In a solid dispersion the drug is dispersed in a carrier with the system appearing to be in a solid state. BASF offers both an comprehensive portfolio and process expertise to consult you in finding the best formulation for your poorly soluble drug using a solid dispersions. A meltable binder is used to agglomerate drug and other ingredients to reduce recrystallization potential through separation. BASF offer all functional materials required for a successful formulation using melt granulation. Read more Direct Compression Direct compression DC is the most economic way to produce a tablet as it is the shortest and most direct way to get from powder mix to final dosage form.

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