The heated debate that we started but—which he chose to abandon was about the best way to produce The Effect, based on the criteria. The Berglas Effect is fully described in the book, and if one reads the entire book more than once for full comprehension it should become clear that any named card can be reached from as many as 14 different numbers. Berglas approaches to my magic. When someone in the crowd were inevitably to suggest that the sun is hidden behind the curtain, it would be snatched away, exposing only the narrowest of framework on every side. Some of the methods and revalations of the cards might seem goofy or obvious, but after trying the material on real audiences you change your mind. They want an excuse, a justification for their sense of awe.

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The Book: The book is well written. Those people are wrong. This book is about his card work; which is stupidly amazing. You learn to "Jazz" around and become a dynamic performer. As a fan of Jazz music, this is a very similar style based off improvisational techniques.

I love the stuff in there, but I wish there was a little bit more. It is very informative about his back ground and thinking. Dvd 2 is performances of this "Jazz" style. Multiple spectators think or name cards and he finds them. Not really for me, but great to see a legend perform. Dvd 3 has more performances of routines and brief explanations on basic moves ex. Overall I think this is great for anyone whom loves his work. I "jazz" more often than doing structured routines. I also have "The Mind and Magic" book.

This explains his stage acts along with more of his thinking. I believe investing in both will make you a better performer. If you are a close up guy, invest in the Dai Vernon set; if you are a pure mentalist, look into some billet work. This set is for fans and jazz fans. Did this review help you?


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