The method absolutely works. Open a new tab right now and get this book off of Amazon and the cookbook too! Here are my results so far. The biggest lesion I used to have was about the size of 3 palms of my hand.

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Report Hi hkj4, I want to give you my experience about psoriasis in general and how Dr. I am 29 yr old. Psoriasis first started for me in high school.

It started on my scalp and made its way to my knee and shins. Then it went to back and elbows and eventually to face. When it first started off on my scalp I did not know it was psoriasis.

I will tell you bud, I went through the whole stigma of feeling insecure. I went from wearing shorts to pants and long sleeve shirts during summers. Dating was incredibly hard. I felt a lot of insecurity. I will tell you something; I struggle with the dating part to this day. Enough about the psychological part. I decided if a person judges you for your skin, they are not worth it. Now I want to share with you how Dr. So, during , I made a new year resolution to start eating health.

You see, I am currently working as a physician and I saw way too many heart attacks and diseases to make me question my own eating habits. I see younger kids getting diabetes type II. It used to be a disease of elderly but now kids as young as 10 get it!.

So I said January 1st , my new years resolution is to take care of my body. So I cut out a lot of junk. I stopped eating fast food all together. I started to incorporate more salads in my diet something I never did! Then I ran into Dr. I started implanting more diet changes in Feb I got a masticating juice machine Dr. I begin juicing once a day and then twice a day.

I juice raw vegetables. Once in a blue moon I juice fruits. My skin started to clear. The plaque psoriasis on my ears begin to disappear completely. One sign of healing you will see is it heals from inside to out. Like the center of plaque will heal before the rim not always. Then my ex-girlfriend broke up with me and it caused a great deal of stress. So Feb and March was just plain stressful of post-relationship break-up and I did not continue my juicing as strictly and I was struggling with eating right kinda foods.

What did help me keep on track was getting a white board and writing what I ate on a daily basis. I am keeping track of every single thing going into my body so I know when I cheat and eat something I was not supposed to. You see pizza has been my major weakness since I was a kid. And I went one month without eating pizza but then cheated and the psoriasis on my ears came back! Moral of story is you will have cravings for junk food but you have to imagine in your mind a clear skin and good health.

So somethings I do. I have taken pictures of my skin at end of every month since Feb to see progress. I also have written my daily diet on a big white board like I mentioned earlier and kept records to see why I am not healing or why I have flare-ups. I think the biggest thing is to be patient with oneself. Changes take time. Old habits die hard. Pagano talks about how people who follow the diet actually get worse before they get better because it is a sign the body is detoxifying.

This is true! A lot of people give up because they want instant fix. Our society is driven for the "instant fix" idea and we fail to see healing as a journey. Check these links out!


Dr Pagano diet for Psoriasis

Contact Dr. John O. Pagano, Chiropractic Physician Bio Fifty years ago there was no psoriasis cure. Fast forward to today - there is still none. Orthodox psoriasis treatments are designed merely to alleviate the symptoms of psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis and eczema. Pagano did for fifty years! Pagano got remarkable results with all types of psoriasis patients, because he viewed the disease from the "inside-out" rather than the "outside-in.


Has anyone seen result from Dr. John Pagano's Healing Psoriasis? - Psoriasis

The extent of healing would definitely depend upon a number of factors: Severity of the problem Most importantly, your own will power and determination. In this book, Dr John Pagano has proposed a natural way of healing psoriasis by suitable changes in your diet and lifestyle. We would be discussing in detail his treatment regimen, particularly the very famous Dr Pagano diet for psoriasis. And if convinced, only then we should give it a try. Otherwise, it is a common scenario that people suffering from psoriasis would just jump start a treatment regimen hoping for some miraculous results and then quit it in between without giving it proper time to show some results.

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