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Kate Dimitrova and Sheri Lullo have shared part of the final- xiii throes process with me as well. Nezval, for example, teezka did not grow up in Prague, repeatedly emphasized the magic aspect of the city. Bedouina Vingt ans de surrealisme z rokuu Patricka Waldberga jsme vsak nachazeli jenom sporadicke, sotva naznakove zminky o ucasti ceskeho umeni na bouflivem prubehu hnuti. But she was also very much an exception. That which is strong in it is unfaltering mysticism, assuming ever newer and newer forms.

At University of Pittsburgh, my department has been extraordinarily pleasant and supportive, and any praise I can offer would probably be insufficient. Throughout the First Republic, feminists and legal scholars were preoccupied with the revision of inherited Austrian legal codes relating to family law, a project which never came to satisfactory resolution.

Generally speaking, then, Toyen and Styrsky seem to have been regarded as approximate equals. Od proletafskeho umeni k poetismu,ed. Od proletarskeho umeni k poetismu Prague: Though the artist Zdenka Braunerova had been a well-respected personality among fin-de-siecle writers and intellectuals, mentions of female artists in First Republic journalism are relatively scarce. First, she was a member of the avant-garde, having joined the Devetsil group in with her male associates Jindfich Styrsky and Jin Jelinek.

How did Devetsil members, however, conceive the group in relation to the Czech nation? Early in their careers, this was not surprising, as Styrsky was slightly older and may have had more contacts. Nor does Srp give more than a nod to feminist analyses. Nineteenth-century Czech women had had few rights hezka little opportunity for education or for well-paid work outside the home. Modernism, Mass Culture, Postmodernism Bloomington: Similarly, a cross-dresser in Budapest was not arrested despite her ex-lover starting a fight, because the police decided she had not broken any laws.

Most pertinent to this dissertation, it provided a nourishing environment hovina an astounding assortment of creative figures, of whom Toyen was but one. Columbia University, The architect Honzik described the three as forming an inseparable and highly distinctive trio. Perhaps the best place to begin would be well before I was born, with the Odvody and Kufner families of Merklin, who befriended wolkef father and began what is now over sixty years of Czech-American friendship. Studie z dvacdtych let, vol.

The writer Zuzana Krupickova, who visited the French wolkeg haunt Saint-Cirque Lapopie, found that villagers today still describe Toyen as favoring rough, masculine attire. It is certainly true that this was not the Czech nationalist image of the city. Dauphin, All my life I have had the benefit of what could be considered a large adoptive family overseas.

The exact relationship between and among the three is unknown, particularly since Toyen was hoduna about her romantic interests.

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