Cerra, copyright protected; all rights reserved. In addition to looking at the structure of jazz and explaining what qualities to look for in a piece, the author provides a complete chronology of the growth of jazz, from its beginnings in the rags of Scott Joplin. Also including a list of suggested recordings, a section on the improvised solo, and a complete glossary of jazz terms, How To Listen To Jazz offers you a complete introduction to the entire jazz experience While revisiting both of these recently, I was reminded of a pioneering work on the subject of How To Listen To Jazz: Revised Edition that was compiled about twenty-five years earlier by Jerry Coker [New Albany, Indiana: Jamey Aebersold Jazz, ] which, incidentally, is still in print.

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Start your review of Improvising Jazz Write a review Sep 07, Jake rated it really liked it This is a great book, but unlike books like, "Free Play," by Stephen Nachmanovitch this book is directed at an audience with some music theory knowledge, and thirsting for more. Good balance of theoretical information as well as subjective, broad themes. They take you down a familiar path and you end up on a memorable journey you didnt expect.

Neverthe less, there is still some merit in what Mr. Monroe said. I was speaking to someone who has been a dancer and teacher for many years. I asked him if there were any parameters in dance improvisation and he said something interesting - "as a dancer you dont want to be too self-indulgent. I think that is what Mr. Monroe had in mind. I finally understand how the scales I play relate to chords on the guitar or piano and what my options are for improvisation.

I used to just play it by ear, but this gives me a comfort level through an overall structural understanding of the music. This is not a dumbed-down theory book—it assumes the reader knows a few things to begin with and goes quickly. Sep 09, Sean Luciw rated it it was amazing This book explained many mysteries of jazz to me, in a way I could understand.

The collection of charts in the back of the book are also quite helpful.


Improvising Jazz


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