Through a website , users we encouraged to share Anti-Corruption messages, take pledges against paying or receiving a bribe, and confess if they had paid a bribe. Jaago Re encouraged citizens to talk about the positive stories surrounding India and share a message of positivity with the rest of India. Content was created on this platform to simplify and educate readers on their rights and obligations in dealing with the Indian Police, and to make readers aware of their legal rights and duties. The objective of this campaign was to encourage individuals to make small gestures of change towards eliminating preconceived notions that cause Gender Stereotyping.

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FMCG Jul 28, Social Samosa takes a look at some of the best Jaago Re campaigns over the years which touched upon sensitive issues ranging from corruption, bribery, women empowerment, safety and their voting rights.

Tata Tea Jaago Re 2. With this film, Jaago Re hopes to tackle the issue of women safety by addressing its root cause — gender inequality. In , Tata Tea for the first time introduced their iconic Jaago Re campaign, which left a strong impact in the minds of the viewers. The motive of the campaign was to promote the idea of pre-activism — a timely behavior to prevent the occurrence of unfortunate things. Power of 49 Just ahead of the General Elections in , Tata Tea came out with two campaigns reminding women about their voting rights and duties.

One of the films talked about how a politician should not ignore women as they constitute 49 per cent of the voter base in India and the second one, highlighted that in order to have a safe environment around every woman, they should all vote for the right person.

Choti Shuruaat: Leveraging, Jaago Re platform, Shahrukh Khan, as an actor made a commitment, a small change choti shuruaat to make a positive difference to women in the film industry.

He pledged that he would put the names of the actresses in his movies, before his own. It highlighted the message- There are some who see a glass half empty while there are those who see it as half full. Some see adversity where others see opportunity. In the mean time, tell us about your favorite Jaago Re campaigns.


Tata Tea is back with ‘Jaago Re’ ad campaign after a long time



Tata-tea jaagore ad campaign


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