Starting from the first page in your router:. If you do not know your routers Internal IP Address you can do one of the following:. Is this article up to date? If you do not know confgiuration your broadband username is, then you can call your ISP customer care number. Put your broadband username that your ISP has provided correctly.

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In this post, you will get simple configuration steps for iball wrbn wifi router repeater mode for a boost Wi-Fi signal in a dark area. To setup iBall n wifi router as repeater mode require a physical connection from laptop or desktop. EXP: Click the save button and login iBall router.

Suppose your main internet wifi router IP is Iball default IP is How to Add second router in the same Network Iball N Wifi router Operation mode setting To setup the iBall router as range extender required to change the operation mode to the universal repeater.

Universal repeater mode lets allow you to connect iBall wifi router with any brand wi-fi ap in repeater mode. Go to Operation Mode option from the left side menu. Select Universal Repeater as shown below image. Connect Main WiFi AP to iBall repeater when you select a universal repeater option in operation mode you will get all wifi name running near your device.

Find your wifi name from the list and select as shown below image. Type wifi password of main wifi router to allow iBall repeater to connect in wireless repeater mode. Click save button to apply settings Click OK button to reboot repeater device and wait for device restart finish Wifi Router will take a few seconds to reboot the repeater device.

Once reboot finish go to wifi connection and see main wifi name will show full signal bar where before getting good signal only.

Connect the repeater device and test the speed and the signal issue should solve. Iball Repeater Placement Repeater device placement is very important to get proper speed and performance in the repeater area. Never put the repeater device inside the cupboard and under the table.

Find an open area in which a clear line of sight from host wifi ap and signal can travel freely.


iBall WRB303 300Mbps WiFi Repeater Mode configuration

Plugin your router to an electric outlet. If I put it simply, this is your iBall router login IP address and whenever you need to make any changes to your router settings, you have to login with this IP. Advertisements Now, once you hit enter after putting that IP, a screen will popped up asking you to put a username and password. Jump directly to step 4. Let me show you….. Rest of the values will remain same no matter which ISP you are using. Servicename— You can put any name here.



Let me tell you this I promise you that. This guide will explain you in a step by step process on how to configure your iBall baton m wireless-n router. Steps involved In configuring your iBall Baton router Follow the below-mentioned steps.

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