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Print quality setting Print Task Quick Sets Select one of the options to automatically configure the settings for a specific printing task, such as printing borderless on four by six inch photo paper.

No further settings changes need to be done. This option is available on all of the tabs except Services. You can also create your own Quick Sets by making the desired changes and then clicking Save. You will be prompted to name your Quick Set.

Size is Select the loaded paper size. There is also an option to enable borderless printing. Type is Select the loaded paper type. When Automatic is selected, the all-in-one will determine the paper type. If Borderless Printing is selected, use the Borderless Auto Fit setting when the size of the original image is not the same as the loaded paper size. The size of the image will be adjusted to fit the loaded paper.

Some cropping may occur. Print Quality is traded for print speed. This is the fastest print mode. Print speeds of up to 17 pages of black text per minute are possible. Fast Normal by dpi printing. Print quality will be better than FastDraft but will also be slower. Best mode is the highest print quality setting that should be used with plain paper.

Best mode will yield photo-realistic images on any paper type and is the best choice for printing photos that have a resolution of dpi or less.

Maximum dpi by dpi. Choose this setting only when printing high resolution images of dpi or higher on high quality photo paper. This print mode creates very large print spool files MB or larger so a warning will appear when this mode is selected. The HP Digital Photography button allows access to a number of digital image processing options. Effects of the adjustments are shown in the example image if Automatic is not selected.

Use the Automatic setting only when the optional two-sided printing accessory has been installed. Pages Per Sheet Select this option to automatically reduce and print the selected number of pages up to 16 onto a single sheet of paper. You can add page borders as well as selecting print order. Combine this option with two-sided printing to save paper. Poster Printing Create a poster that is up to five sheets of paper high by five sheets of paper wide. When this mode is selected, the print job will automatically expand to fill the number of pages.

Rotate by Degrees Normally, the top of the page exits from the printer first. Select this option so the bottom of the page exits from the printer first. Figure : Effects tab Resizing This option allows you to scale the size of an original to fit a different paper size. The size can be either a selected paper size or a percentage. Watermark Add a watermark to the document. Select one from the list or add your own watermark.

Basics tab Settings on the Basics tab affect how the pages are printed. Page Order Change the order in which the pages are printed, front to back or back to front. Copy Count Create multiple copies of a document by selecting a number greater than one. Click the Collate button to collate the printouts.

Show Print Preview Select this to preview the print job before it actually prints. This is helpful if too much ink is causing the paper to wrinkle.

Drying Time If the ink on a page is smudging when the next page is dropped into the paper tray, the ink needs more drying time. This can also be a result of poor quality paper. Adjust the slider in the Drying Time section to increase the drying time.

This may decrease the print speed. Low Memory Mode Use this setting only when there is not enough hard disk or memory space to print a page. The page will be sent directly to the printer instead of to the Windows print spooler. Printing in this mode may require more time to print the pages. For a better long-term solution, free up some hard disk space.

Color tab Use the options on the Color tab to adjust how colors are printed. The High Quality setting uses both print cartridges to produce photo-realistic black and white image. Printing with only the black print cartridge will produce a black and white image but some detail may be lost.

Color Attributes Move the sliders to modify the color saturation, brightness, and tone. This can remove color tinting or make the colors more vibrant. Use the print preview option to see the effect before printing.

Color Space Windows allows you to associate color profiles with printers. This is normally important only if you are doing graphics design. Use the HP Toolbox to perform the following: Align the print cartridges. Print a test page. Print a Diagnostic page. View the estimated ink levels of the print cartridges.

The ink levels reported are estimates based on the number of drops of ink printed. Change configuration options of the all-in-one. Enable the optional two-sided print accessory from the Toolbox. Two-sided printing Use the information below to enable two-sided printing. Two-sided printing for all printed pages Follow the steps below if you wish all printed pages to be printed two-sided: Close all running programs.

Programs will not recognize changes to the default print settings until they are restarted. Click Settingsand then click Printer Settings. Select the Finishing tab and then click Print on Both Sides.

Book mode is the default mode, click Flip pages up if you wish tablet mode. Click OK. When you print, the odd numbered pages will print and a window with instructions will appear on the computer. After the odd numbered pages have printed, follow the instructions to rotate and reinsert the pages into the paper tray, and then click Continue. Two-sided printing as its required Follow the steps below if you wish to enable two-sided printing only when you need it.

From the program you wish to print from: When you are ready to print, click File and then click Print. Verify that the all-in-one is selected as the printer and then click Properties or click Preferences if that is the option.

Click OK to save the changes and return to the application. In the program you are printing from, click Print. The odd numbered pages will print and a window with instructions will appear on the computer. All further documents will be printed in the same manner until the program is closed. The print settings will revert to the default values after the program is closed.


HP LaserJet 4200 Printer series

The printer is working, but the printed output is missing black or color ink, or the printed page is blank or has very little ink. To resolve this issue, use only genuine HP cartridges. Additionally, you can remove the black cartridge to print only with the tri-color cartridge, replace any empty or defective cartridges, or clean the printhead. If you need to print immediately and the quality of the printouts is not a concern, you can print in backup mode. HP cannot guarantee the quality or reliability of non-HP or refilled cartridges. If you do not use genuine HP cartridges, the steps in this document might not resolve the issue.


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