Check all of your clothes made with wool, feathers, fur, and silk. Clothing that looks dusty or discolored, or has a musty smell. Webbing in corners of the closet or on clothing. You can make your own moth traps with flypaper and fish oil, which attracts moths. Dab a bit on some flypaper and hang it in your closet. In particular, look for zapper style traps with infrared sensors, as these will sense the moth approaching and zap it when it nears the bait.

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If you want to kill off characters with something poisonous, you need to know how a villain would gain access to such a poison, how it would be administered, and what the effects on the victim would be. Book of Poisons can help you figure out all of the details of proper poisoning. This thorough guide catalogs the classic poisons, household poisons, poisonous animals and plants, poisons used in wars, and more.

Plus, a glossary of medical terms makes decoding symptoms and treatments easy for the writer with no medical background. Book of Poisons is the comprehensive reference you need to create deaths by poison without stopping readers dead in their tracks over misguided facts.

There is lots of very good information available in an easy to understand form. While I learned that killing someone with rhubarb leaves was just not conceivable, unless they had a really odd rhubarb allergy, I could rather easily accomplish the same goal using oleander.

And I learned that the authorities are smart enough to look for oleander poisoning in suspicious circumstances. Like I said, lots of good information for writers. The book very specifically states that the information contained therein is not to be used to break any known or future laws and that the information is to be used for reference for writing and other mind games.

I am paraphrasing wildly. Good book. Worth every nickel. By Samantha L. King on Dec 27, Pretty much the greatest book ever. Gives ratings on how dangerous the poison is, where it can be found, its side effects and what parts of the body it affects, how quickly it takes effect, and the antidote for it. All-in-all, very well put together and completely amazing.

Poison Encyclopaedia for Authors of Murder Mysteries By Shirley Mason on Jul 03, Excellent comprehensive book about poisons for those of us who are not chemists or criminal toxicologists, but want to murder a character in a mystery novel. Poisons are identified and grouped from every angle you can think of, and more. Such as: symptoms, forms, household poisons, poisonous animals and plants, warsjust to name a very few of the many; along with histories, access and antidotes. Birch on Dec 21, This book tells you the name of the poison,what area it effects heart,breathing,muscles,ect.

What the reactions are of the one poisoned, and how long it takes for this reaction to kick-in. Its great if you want to use the correct poison for the job at hand this pertains to writing,or its listing of symptoms could help identify a type of poison,so you might treat them as patients. Even better than the first! By Melanotis on Nov 17, I bought this book when I learned my previous copy was so hopelessly out of date that wikipedia was a better resource.

More poisons more pages. Excellent resource for writers By Duckie on Jan 13, This book provides brief summaries of various types of poisons, including toxicity ratings, appearance, symptoms, and where the poison is derived from. Well worth the money for any budding literary assassin, novice detective, thriller.

Enjoy Great By Anonymouse on Feb 08, Very useful for any writer or person wanting to know more about poison and basic toxicology! Very happy with my purchase and I highly recommend it! Rodriguez on Mar 02, I bought this book for my daughter who is interested in forensic sciences and she liked it so much that I started to read it. It was very informative and an excellent source of reference for anyone who is intrigued by this sort of subject.

Thank you. Good reference for writers By V. Kennedy on Jul 06, This book makes a good reference for mystery or crime fiction writers. It lists various poisons from drugs to plants and other poisons, and gives details, such as symptoms, antidotes, reaction time, etc. Sometimes I wished it would go into a little more depth than it does, but all in all I found it a great reference book to add to my shelf of writing books.

Medical Editor Needed, Please! By Laura P. Schulman on Aug 17, A potentially entertaining and useful resource for anyone shopping for poisons, this book wore my index finger out highlighting the gross inaccuracies and misinformation that infests its pages.

Holmes himself would have been disgusted at their lack of methodology. The mere fact that Holmes and his methods were never even mentioned should tell you something. Having served as medical editor to several works by lay authors on medically-based topics, my final impression has been, "Thank God they hired me, or someone else with an M. If I wanted to write a reference book on the fine art of jumping off of bridges, I would certainly consult a bridge-building engineer. I know nothing about the mechanics of bridges that relate to their effectiveness as a means of suicide.

However, what makes one bridge a more effective jump than another must be left to the bridge engineer.

I admire the ambitiousness of the project, and was all eager to dive into the world of poisons; but time and again I found myself gritting my teeth at some grievous error or omission that could have been easily remedied by a decently thorough medical edit. And speaking of editing, this book suffers pitifully from a lack of basic editing for clarity, content, and style. I nearly broke my nose on several occasions, due to a vigorous face-palm secondary to horrid copy.

Unfortunately, this eager reader found herself searching for the kick-bucket midway through. Laura P. Schulman, M. By Jacqueline Klueh on Jan 10, A little poison can do the trick in offing a character. I am writing a mystery series and I have found this book invaluable. I have purchased a great selection of books to use while I am writing and this is just one that I refer to again and again. Great for writers Though I think I scared my husband who logged onto the Kindle and saw it.

This particular edition is in a Paperback format. To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here. Similar Books.


HowDunit - The Book of Poisons



Howdunit, Book of Poisons






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