Start your review of The Secret History of Costaguana Write a review Shelves: colombian-authors This novel is kind of a three-fer three stories wrapped around one. Mostly its a historical novel about Panama, at the time when the Isthmus was still part of the nation of Colombia. The story is built around the failed attempt by the French to construct a canal in the late s, before the US engineered a coup to split Panama off from Colombia and take over the canal project. Although the French effort was led by a brilliant engineer, de Lesseps, who built the Suez Canal, the project was essentially sabotaged by graft and corruption.

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Maujora One Englishman, Charles Gould, and his beautiful and elegant wife, are drawn to the country Charles was born there but left for school in England by the San Tome mine concession.

The mountain in Sulaco is called Higuerota Actualmente vive cerca a su ciudad natal en Colombia. This is not true. Historia Secreta de Costaguana His parents tell different stories about his conception, his mother celebrates his birthday on three different days, and his father writes propaganda about the progress of the canal.

The Secret History of Costaguana was an instructional and interesting novel. Return to Book Page. A compelling novel about the tortured history of Colombia but also about the slipperiness of historical accounts, and indeed of fictional re-imaginings of real episodes. He eventually leaves his daughter, now 17, and goes to Europe historis tell the story of the revolution.

Although the French effort was led by a brilliant engineer, de Lesseps, who built the Suez Canal, the project was essentially sabotaged by graft and corruption. Open Preview See a Problem? Conservatives, often with a quarter-million dead, with the utmost brutality and gruesome killings of women and children on each side: But at that time our narrator did not know his father. I trudged through a little more than pages and could not continue.

In the early twentieth century, a struggling Joseph Conrad wrote his great novel Nostromo, about a South American republic he named Costaguana. It was inspired by the geography and history of Colombia, where Conrad spent only a few days.

Then the author describes yistoria events that lead to Antonia de Narvaez and the birth and early life of Jose, the narrator. Most of all, he believed in the idea of the canal and did everything to support it, including turning a blind eye and ear to all minor problems that cropped up — e.

The multitude of generals and numerous wars can costaguxna confusing. Another example is Charlotte. Refresh and try again. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. There is also a connection with Joseph Conrad, tenuous at first but explained fully towards the end. You, Joseph Conrad, have robbed me. Next, Jose finds Miguel in Colon and follows his life there.

There are also flashes of brilliance in the writing that will probably land this one on one histtoria more long-and-shortlists for a literary award. I declare that the following documents are perfectly genuine. There is a great costaguaana of tragedy, history, and personal drama that should make this a wonderful historical tale. Meanwhile our main character meets a French woman and has a daughter but experiences personal tragedy as collateral damage in the endless political wars.

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