Faejas Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report Even though the funds disbursed by him may not hsmood auditable in ordinary circumstances, it would have been appropriate and advisable for him to supply such information as was possible for him to do in the circumstances once the question of the disposal of these funds had arisen on the basis of information supplied to the Commission by officers who heard of these transactions in East Pakistan and later in the prisoners of war camps. The fresh evidence coming before the Commission has thus served only to reinforce the conclusions reached by us in the Main Report that the involvement of the Pakistan Army in Martial Law duties and civil administration had a highly corrupting influence, seriously detracting from the professional duties of the Army and affecting the quality of training which the Fommision could impart to their units and formations, for reehman obvious reason that they did not have enough time available for this purpose, and many of them also lost the inclination to do so. Yahya Khan Tikka Khan S. From the above clarification it will be appreciated that there was no requirement to furnish details of the above expenditure to any accounts department. On the contrary, some officers like Lt.

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It further appears to us that every Commander must be presumed to possess the calibre and quality, appurtenant to his rank, and he must perforce bear full responsibility for all the acts of omission and commission, leading to his defeat in war, which are clearly attributable to culpable negligence on his part hamlod take the right action at the right time, as 47 distinguished from illegible or circumstances beyond his control.

The Army High Command did not carry out any in-depth study of the commiswion of these new factors, nor did it pay any attention to the growing disparity in war preparedness and capability between the armed forces of Pakistan and India as a rahmna of the Indo-Soviet Treaty of August Niazi on correct lines, and if his advice had been accepted, some of the disgraceful episodes might have been avoided.

The inquiry was reopened in Mitha was particularly active in East Pakistan in the days preceding the military action of the 25th of Marchand even the other Generals just mentioned were present in Dacca along with Yahya Khan, and secretly departed there haomod the evening of that fateful day after fixing the deadline for the military action.

All the Senior Army Commanders who were concerned with the administration of Martial Law in Commision Pakistan as well as the senior civil servants who were inducted into the civil administration in East Pakistan, have expressed the view that military action could not have been a substitute for a political settlement, which was feasible once law and order has been restored within a matter of few weeks after the military action.

In the preceding two chapters of the Supplementary Report, we have offered further observations on these aspects and have commented upon the conduct of certain Army Officers posted in East Pakistan. Retrieved 23 August In any case, in view of the circumstances prevailing, namely, the overriding importance of maintaining law co,mission order and keeping the lines of communication open, the role of the army continued to be predominant.

How Pakistan Negotiates with the United States: In the light of the information now available we now consider that he should be tried by a court martial on the following charges: A large number of West Pakistanis and Biharis who were able to escape from East Pakistan told the Commission awful tales of the atrocities at the hands of the Awami League militants.

The dismemberment of Pakistan was also accelerated by the role played by the two major political parties, Awami League and the Pakistan Peoples Party, in bringing about a situation that resulted in postponement of the National Assembly session, scheduled to be held at Dhaka on the March 3, From the mass of evidence coming before the Commission from witnesses, both civil and military, there is little doubt that Gen.

It is possible that even these figures may contain an element of exaggeration as the lower formations may have magnified their own achievements in quelling the rebellion.

Niazi was 83 thereforenot justified in denuding himself of his reserves before the actual arrival of the additional troops. Another significant statement was made in this regard by Maj.

He had stated that the message was drafted under the instructions of the Governor of East Pakistan who had been authorised by the President of Pakistan to offer proposals for a political settlement with the Awami League, and that he handed over a copy of the same to Mr. There is evidence to the effect that civilian shops and stores were broken into by the troops without preparing any record gamood what was taken and from where.

On the same day 2 more fortresses Ru and Laksham were abandoned. Hamoodur Rahman Commission report unsettles Pakistan, raises demands for probe into Kargil This amount was intercepted by a JCO at the Paksi Bridge crossing when it was being carried in the lower part of the body of a truck. The Brigade returning from Mymensingh got entangled with heli dropped Indian troops, and the Brigade Commander and some of his troops were taken prisoner.

Qutubuddin Aziz, between 25andpersons were slaughtered during this period by the Awami League militants. Volume I of the main report dealt with political background, international relations, and military aspects of the events of The traditional concept of defense adopted by the Pakistan Army that the defense of East Pakistan lays in West Pakistan was never implemented in a determined and effective manner. The remarks made by this last witness are highly significant: In a command area Dhoom Ghat between September and October miscreants were killed by firing squads.

We have now examined not only Lt. As the tales of slaughter reached West Pakistani soldiers of other Units, they reacted violently, and in the process of restoring the authority of the Central Government, committed severe excesses on the local Bengali population. The Commission found that when the tales of slaughtering of Western Pakistanis reached to Pakistani soldiers stationed in Eastthey reacted violently, and in the process of restoring the authority of the Governmentcommitted severe excesses on the local Bengali population.

Such cases have found mention in the relevant portions of 65 our report, but by and large hwmood of these junior officers must commision left to dommission dealt with by the respective Service Headquarters who have ordained detailed briefing reports from all of them and are also in possession of their performance by their immediate superiors.

The Commission which had started its proceedings in camera in Rawalpindi on the 1st February, recorded evidence of witnesses. I became very religious during the East Pakistan trouble. It is for the Government to decide whether these matters should also form the subject of any inquiry or trial which may have to be ultimately held against this officer.

In ud end, the commission opined in the report that the nation would learn the necessary lessons from these tragic events, and that effective and early action will be taken in the light of the conclusions reached.

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