Most of these texts, but not all, have been translated by Beckett into English were some of them conceived in English? But one finds little except shadowy hints and metaphor. History of Western Philosophy. The world is an immense alphabet. Whole pages, memorable in their hysterical elan, are interchangeable between the fictions and the libels.

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Alejandro Chehtman — — Oxford University Press. Extraterritorial : papers on literature and the language revolution In other projects Wikiquote. Views Read Edit View history. Brian VickersNancy S.

Archived from the original PDF on April 13, But ask me the same thing if a Jamaican family steier next door with six children and they play reggae and rock music all day. Steiner received criticism and support [14] [15] for his views that racism was inherent in everyone and that tolerance was only skin deep.

Sign In Forgot password? Henri Godin; George Steiner, Extraterritorial. Extraterritorial by George Steiner Steiner was initially not well received at Cambridge by the English faculty.

Sign in to use this feature. Request removal from index. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Most users should sign in with their email address. This article is also available for rental through DeepDyve. Several works of literary fiction exrtaterritorial Steiner include four short story collectionsAnno Domini: While Steiner generally takes things very seriously, he also reveals an unexpected deadpan humor: National Adult Literacy Database.

Retrieved July 26,.



Retrieved February 28, Retrieved December 28, Purchase Subscription prices and ordering Short-term Access To purchase short term access, please sign in to your Oxford Academic account above. The New York Observer. She had also studied at Harvard, and they met in London at the suggestion of their former professors. George Steiner — Wikipedia After several years as a freelance writer and occasional lecturer, Steiner accepted the post of Professor of English and Comparative Literature at the University of Geneva in ; he held this post for 20 years, teaching in four languages. The Year of the Animal in France.


George Steiner

The New York Observer. Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic. This entry has no external links. Steiner grew up with three mother tongues: Views Read Edit View history. Gayle Margherita — While Steiner generally takes things very seriously, he also reveals an extraaterritorial deadpan humor: In other projects Wikiquote. Sign in via your Institution Sign in.


Extraterritorial (hardcover)

The intense energies of spirit, the technical force which linguistics has shown over these past decades are both the stimulus and the conse- quence of a larger re-direction. The power of mathematics to devise actions for reasons as subtle, witty, manifold as any offered by sensory experience and to move forward in an endless un- folding of self-creating life is one of the strange, deep marks man leaves on the world. Currently, he is a professor at Cambridge University and the University of Geneva. He may, as D. The psychology of musical invention, as distinct from mere virtuosity of performance, is all but nonexistent. One of the papers in this collection addresses itself specifi- cally to this theme. But, whereas so many other language exiles clung desperately to the artifice of their native tongue or fell si- lent, Nabokov moved into successive languages like a traveling potentate.


George Steiner, el pensador extraterritorial

A writer who proclaimed the Jew to be excrement and democracy a foul joke is now the object of a considerable critical and academic cult. But the critic, in turn, can ill afford to ignore what they, and linguistics especially, have to offer. With the academic circus have come the mimes. Matters are, however, not so straightforward. Aged twelve, Pascal seems in fact to have re-created for and by himself the essential axioms and initial propositions of Euclidean geometry. To what extent do Russian se- mantic associations initiate the images and contour of the English phrase? It communicates its being to the surrounding world through a set of more or less clear, impressive, and complicated signals.

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