B Firmware version 2. Firmware installation steps: 1. Download the latest firmware for your router. Enter your username admin and your password leave the field blank. Click on OK to enter the web configuration for the device. Click on the Tools tab and then click on Firmware on the left-hand side.

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No WEP enabled throughput penalty, best case speed only about 7Mbps. See the related NTK. See our Troubleshooting section. There are screw-head slots on the bottom so that you could wall or ceiling mount the unit, too.

The supplied single dipole antenna is jointed so that it can swivel degrees and lock in 45 and 90 degree positions, so you should be able to orient the antenna as desired, no matter how you position or mount the box. The only mode missing is wireless repeating, which neither D-Link nor anyone else has provided yet! The unit comes set to a static IP of If your computer has an IP address in a different subnet, such as I should mention that the documentation for this product is the best that D-Link has done yet.

The On-line Help built into the admin screens is also top-notch, with informative, detailed descriptions of virtually every function. Other manufacturers, take note! If in doubt, set your computer to a Static IP, such as The interface is easy to use, with the major categories available via "tabbed" pages. My main complaint is that you must "Apply" any setting changes and allow the AP to reboot about a 10 second or so process on each admin screen vs.

These features may make some security-minded folks uneasy, but given the wide variety of methods for WEP key entry used by various vendors, I like the fact that you can always see the keys.

At any rate, note that you must set the AP to use a static IP address to use this feature. Logging to a syslog server is supported, too, in case you need to save or analyze logs. Although the "clone" feature allows you to quickly add MAC address for connected clients to the filter list, it would be nice to have the ability to save and load MAC address lists to a file.

Although the last two features are not part of any The results in the table above were done with the client set to a mode equivalent to that used when I test normal Neither client had any problems.

The toughest test was under Condition 3, which has the signal passing through only two sheetrock walls, but at a very sharp angle on both walls. All runs had bit WEP enabled. So although speed may not kill, in this case it certainly will slow down your network. One other observation is worth noting.


D-Link AirPlus G DWL-G700AP Access Point - wireless access point Series Specs



Repetidor Acess Point Wireless D-link 54mbps Dwl-g700ap






D-Link DWL-G700AP


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