Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Pathfinder System. Season of the Righteous Season 2: This page does not exist. Season 0 — Summary. Frost Erik Mona Christopher Self. Season thr — Year of the Shadow Lodge.

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What we have here is a weak scenario. The title of the scenario is also a poor choice. Other than as a basic dungeon crawl. I am not sure but I hope the scale was off if the squares were 10ft and the map was larger I think it would of been a better scenario. They are chaotic evil and should betray their mistress.

Drow researchers, really? They fight to the death? At 9th level other than summoning their only offensive spell is Magic Missile. They should know better than to fight for to the death. Also why is their a sorceror as a researcher. This scenario does allot of diservice to the drow. Combat enccounters, the drow rarely use the enviroment to their favor. Languages, most of the drow will have little possiblity to even speak to the party. This is really a bad template to ever use. It also opens up allot of really glaring problems.

The young template should be removed from all Paizo products. First lets make a large aberration that is tough but limit it to one size smaller weapons. Lets apply the young template to this abberation and forget to give it small weapons. Now it is a medium sized creature. Then lets explain to the players it is a baby drow with large sized spider legs and halfling sized weapons. But can still dish out lightning bolts like a 6th level sorceror.

In a home game this would make a fun twist perhaps an irony of Drow. Combats missed the mark on every encounter except perhaps low tier encounter 6 and high tier encounter 5. I think it is more suited for a home game in the underdark. Where a GM could modify some encounters and expand on a cool pyramid. My players had fun playing this though. Draught of the Darklands Pyramid Jul 17, , pm Much like the desert around it, this scenario is dry and dull.

It was the last scenario I played before I hit a 2 year hiatus. With such an effect it should be clear without saying how much this scenario sucked. Seems like a rushed Scenario Alizor — May 23, , am I just recently played this scenario at tier at a con with a relatively balanced party, and after reading the module decided that a review needed to be made on the scenario.

The scenario as a whole seemed too easy although it was very "swingy. On the same note the second encounter uses the young template on two spellcasting based monsters So the encounter could swing towards the more difficult side if the DM decides to use only their spellcasting abilities as the scenario tells you to do, in fact.

The next few encounters are relatively easy, although they set up the characters for DM coup de grace moments, which really are not that fun as a player. Next the writer uses the young template again, which seems like the scenario was even more rushed. With a few more tie-ins to the overall story, another developing pass to replace some overuse of templates, and equalizing the rewards, this scenario does have potential.

In its current state however I would not recommend playing, running, or buying this scenario.


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