The default is Parallel, and should not be changed without consulting Doble. Remove one nut located behind the HV Pothead Figure 4. July 22, Screws Figure 4. Return all failed components to Doble. Graph the selected clipboard results 72A Rev.

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Zuzuru July 22, 4. The test must be performed in Manual mode, and any test circuit will do. The Extension M Switch must remain open until all personnel are safely in the clear.

F Storage and Moving Mode July 22, When using this interface, the standard M safety switch and safety strobe are used. The Resonator is equipped with a core-clamping arrangement to reduce the noise level when the Resonator is in use, and more importantly, to minimize vibration.

Either the display or keyboard is nonresponsive m responds in an unexpected manner. Lay the M Transport down on its back, on a level surface so that the wheels and handle touch the surface. Stop the monitoring by pressing F4 or ESC. Menu Bar The Menu Bar functions are described as follows: There will be one clipboard sheet per test sequence with a maximum number of foble in a sequence of Keep screws that are removed together in a safe location for re-assembly.

Connect the Safety Ground cable to the M Instrument, and to the ground of the specimen to be tested. If either component is faulty, replace it. Doble M Insulation Analyzer User Guide If manyal personnel should enter the area, or if some other undesirable situation should develop, the Extension Safety Switch operator should release the switch immediately, and then notify the M Dob,e Analyzer operator.

You may now store reversal readings on the same line and automatically average the results. Complete the Material Return Tag supplied with the new component. This test verifies the serial link between the Mc and the M using two external Burndy connector pieces male and female types included in the Accessories Bag. All terminals of an apparatus to be tested should be completely isolated.

Doble M User Guide A new graphing function allows test results to be graphed. These help you check the status of the M Insulation Analyzer, and to diagnose any problems that may exist. If you are unsure which item to select, you can use the Search function located on the top of the Help screen to find a specific topic.

The clipboard mode is described further in this chapter. Both Low Voltage Leads mznual be inserted to run test — it is recommended this box be left unchecked, since most tests require only one lead. Allows selection of available test modes. Attach the Material Return Tag manul the old part. Run this test periodically to run a mock specimen measurement, which checks all system connections, including high and low voltage cables.

Double-check the cable connections and test parameters. They must not be touching at any point. They should be grounded directly or through the low voltage leads of the M Insulation Analyzer, unless otherwise specified by Doble recommended test plans.

F July 22, 3. The M can be configured to require both switches to be opened between test sequences for the M Insulation Analyzer to operate. Buckle and tighten the strap to secure. The Run dialog box appears. With either switch off, all voltage to the High Voltage Test Cable is removed. The outer case of the Mc is made of ABS plastic over an aluminum chassis uwer makes it rugged and suitable for transporting to remote sites. Find help, or press the F1 key, or select the items from the Help pull-down menu item.

If there is doubt as to the cause m a problem, proceed to the next page. Subsystem Diagnostics The summary table can be printed or saved as a text file. If this is not possible, then the out-of-sight terminals should be roped off with CAUTION labels appropriately placed, and a person posted in the vicinity to ensure safety.

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