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I do not know your story or your glory or your various postures, and I am not given to weeping in distress. But one thing I know for certain is that seeking shelter under your protection, and following your order, is definitely going to end all afflictions. But in rendering service to you, if I have committed any lapses or mistake, forgive me Mother. For there could be a bad child but never a bad mother. Rarely there may be one like me. But still, your casting me away is not proper for in this world-there could be a bad child but never a bad mother.

I never rendered any service to you and never did I offer any wealth to you, but still you shower affection on me, because in this world there could be a bad child but never a bad mother! Who else but you should I seek shelter in for I have no hope from any other.

Even if one word of your speech falls in the ear of a foolish rascal it is enough to make him utter sweet speech like a seasoned scholar; a pauper to become rich, owning great wealth and enjoying life with all its pleasures until ripe old age.

When listening to one word can work such wonders, who can measure the reward reaped by those constantly chanting your name? My only request to you is to allow me pass my life chanting your names. Shayam, the blue-bodied one , I could not do methodically your puja or prayer with various religious articles demeaning oneself before the Godgess.

Always my meditation was not crystal clear because it had the hurdness. What fault did I have with all these shortcomings? You bestow on me the greatest grace which is only deserving of you.

O, Mother! The ocean of mercy! I am remembering you because I have got all around me the difficulties. I did not pray before this. O, Mother of the universe. I am not surprised, because of your complete grace. A son may do fault after fault, but the mother never ignores him. O, Mahadevi, Great Goddess, there is no sinner like me on the earth and there is no other person condoning the sins except you.

Knowing all this, you do whatever you think is reasonable. Devi Mahatmyam Aparaadha Kshamapana Stotram Lyrics in English na mantram no yantram tadapi ca na jane stutimaho na cahvanam dhyanam tadapi ca na jane stutikathah na jane mudraste tadapi ca na jane vilapanam param jane matastva danusaranam klesaharanam 1 vidher-ajnanena dravina-virahenalasataya tad-etat ksantavyam janani sakaloddharini sive kuputro jayeta kvacidapi kumata na bhavati 2 prthivyam putraste janani bahavah santi saralah param tesam madhye viralataralo ham tava sutah madiyo yam tyagah samucitamidam no tava sive kuputro jayeta kvacidapi kumata na bhavati 3 jaganmatarmatastava caranaseva na racita na va dattam devi dravinamapi bhuyastava maya tathapi tvam sneham mayi nirupamam yatprakuruse kuputro jayeta kvachidapi kumata na bhavati 4 parityakta deva vividha-vidha-seva kulataya idanim cen-matas-tava yadi krpa napi bhavita niralambo lambodara-janani kam yami saranam 5 svapako jalpako bhavati madhu-pakopama-gira niratanko ranko viharati ciram koti-kanakaih.


Devi Aparaadha Kshamapana Stotram in English, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam



Devi Aparadha Kshamapana Stotram - In sanskrit with meaning


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