Got it, continue to print. It tests the condition of each device and displays the result of the test on the LCD. Ensure that the paper is below the paper capacity mark on the inside wall of the paper tray. If the document is jammed in the paper feed area: Installing an Optional Tray 2 You can increase the paper handling delll of your multi-function printer by installing an optional Tray 2.

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Reference Information Reference Information 2. If you load longer that is longer than a standard Letter or A4 size, such as legal paper, press and unlatch the guide lock, then slide the paper length guide out completely to extend the paper tray to its full length.

Click OK and print the document. Print And Check The Network Set-up Page Connect one end of the multi-function printer power cord into the socket at the back of the multi-function printer and the other end into a properly grounded outlet. It scans the video data received from video controller with laser beam by using a rotating polygon mirror to create the latent image on the OPC drum. The cassette has the friction pad, which separates paper one by one and prevent multi- sheet feeding.

While in Tech mode, the machine still performs all normal operations. Click Finish, and a third hardware wizard appears. Page 38 If you load longer that is longer than a standard Letter or A4 size, such as legal paper, press and unlatch the guide lock, then slide the paper length guide out completely to extend the paper tray to its full length. Page 9 Automated Order-Status Service If you cannot see the paper or the paper does not move when you pulled, open the document cover.

Remove the four screws securing the Rear Cover. Connect the telephone line to your multi-function printer. Page of Go. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Automatically reduces or enlarges the original image to fit on the paper loaded in the multi-function printer. Replace the solenoid if necessary. A definition of tests pages and Wireless Network information definition is also included. You can set up the Dell Printer Configuration Web Tool to send you an email when the printer needs supplies or intervention.

Replace the Main PBA. Page 11 Reference Information 2. Before you remove the Exit Roller, you should. Some of the causes include: Dell recommends cleaning the scanner at the start of each day and during the day, as needed. Click OK n Print, depending on the program or operating system, to start printing. Then take out the Fan. Open the ADF Cover. Improper adjustment of paper guides can result in paper jams.

If you load paper in the manual feeder and set the paper size, this setting will apply to Copy mode. For mahual on how to use the number keypad to enter alphanumeric characters, see below. Page 12 Reference Information 2. The printed dwll is too light 1. Restart the system values entered y mistake while configuring.

To prevent document jams, use the scanner glass for thick, thin or mixed documents. Insert the paper tray into the multi-function printer until it snaps into place. Do not use this product during a lightning storm. When the consumer first operate the machine, it will start a scan and page count.

Set the paper type and size. Limited Warranty b replacement of any disk not meeting this warranty that is sent with a return authorization number to Dell, at your cost and risk. Push down on the pressure plate until it locks into place.

Hold the memory DIMM. Most 10 Related.


Dell 1600n User Manual

Shakajin Printing Problems malfunction 7. Must be no problem within 1min. Dell n User Manual pages. Make sure the printer is configured in SyncThru using the new name. Page 56 Precautions 5. Use a speed dial number or dial the number manually using the number keypad.


Dell 1600n Owner's Manual

Digital Printer of developer cartridge mabual almost con- Digital Printer sumed. Bad contacts of the voltage terminals to 1. Clean each voltage terminal of the Charge, Digital Printer developer. Page 59 Precautions 6. Page 56 Precautions 5.


Dell 1600n Multifunction Mono Laser Printer



Dell 1600n Service Manual


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