Prog noodles, prog brags, prog serves as the backdrop for stories about moonchildren and crimson kings and bloodthirsty sea life. For The Mars Volta , prog was both a vehicle for volatile musical fusion and a method of bloodletting. In , their close friend Julio Venegas leapt from an overpass onto the freeway in rush hour traffic. He had been a victim of self-abuse, shooting up whatever he could get his hands on for years. Bixler grounds his lyrics just enough to let us move through them. It combusts on both technical and emotional levels, each feeding the other.

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This review took me over a month to write, but it was well worth it. There no longer is the option to be a shallow thinker; an album like De-Loused when considered intentionally changes the way you think.

The story of Cerpin Taxt, although very tragic, is an incredibly imaginative convergence between a reality we all understand involving death and addiction, and a fantasy dream world that most of us could never consider in any fantasy. After writing this guide, everyone was so excited about it, that I was encouraged to take it even further and write interpretations for every single line on the album. I delved deeply into the storybook that Cedric Bixler-Zavala wrote, into the album, and drew from every resource that I could find to create book that translates and describes every line in the book.

I am a massive Mars Volta fan. I originally decided to write just a one page album review on this album after listening to it countless times on a mile road trip. I talked about the main story of the album, some of the line interpretations, and even went into how I thought the musical sections related and correlated with the lyrics.

Those are the interpretations you can read by clicking on the track links above. After that, I realized that I could do better. Anyone who reads it will have a really good idea of the story, but as far as a comprehensive guide for the lyrics, not so much. So, I began working on this new project. Although I would never want to take the subjectivity of music away from you, you must also realize that this is a concept album, and every lyric relates to the story.

I want to show you how every lyric is intertwined with the short story that Cedric-Bixler Zavala wrote. This book is a free digital download e-book.

Full song summaries more in-depth than the ones contained within my online album interpretation for those of you who just want to understand the story! I mean, they are made-up!

Many of their new words have to do with combining already existing words, as well as using the context of the story to explain the words meanings. So by cross-referencing the original words meanings, along with the context of the story; I am able to decipher what each word means. Here are what a few fans of the book had to say about it: Cory Mabry: …I found a better and more in-depth understanding of what each song was about. I liked how easy and quick it was to read through.

The line-by-line translation is by far the best part. Every little detail is examined and nothing goes untouched. This is what I was referring to when I stated that this analysis is probably the most in depth research I have seen for any album. As a result of reading this analysis I can now conceptualize the story in my mind the way it was originally meant to be interpreted by the authors The Mars Volta. This analysis has helped me enjoy the music in collaboration with the creative lyrical arrangement.

In other words, the album itself has become a musical story for me, more specifically a story that I find to be an absolute, imaginative masterpiece that captures both intense emotions a very vivid imagery. The research that has gone into this piece has resulted in a better understanding of the entire story of Cerpin Taxt both in a musical realm, which is very stimulating to me, and a creative literature.

Interpretation helps bring a heightened understanding of both the music and the musician. Music from an audible perspective is usually enough to stimulate people, I. I really benefited from the interpretation because it was a cognitive exercise for both analytical and creative ambitions.

It gave me an improved appreciation for album itself, and a greater appreciation for both the artist and the life of the man who inspired this epic artwork may he rest in piece. Would I recommend this guide to my friends? It is great for periodic listeners and perfect for die-hard Volta fans, which I know many. It is a fantastic translation and the most in depth one I have ever read. If you never listened to one song composed by The Mars Volta you could still read the storybook, the lyrics and this translation and be completely blown away and entranced.

When I found out that Deloused was a concept album the first few listens I focused mainly on music, not lyrics I wanted to know what it was about. Well, at first I was fine with just having read the shorter version online. After listening to the album a few more times, I became obsessed with knowing all of it. I downloaded your Translation guide yesterday and read it in less than 24 hours. It was excellently put together and I applaud you.

I loved every moment of it. I sincerely thank you for the time you put into this. First Name.


The Mars Volta’s De-Loused in the Comatorium: Down the Rat Hole 10 Years Later

I posted the link to the full album on YouTube in the previous post. Please feel free to track through the album at whatever pace you please. My suggestion: Give yourself an hour, find someplace to sit or lay down, and let this puppy roll through your speakers. A little background on the album: The Volta recorded it under the supervision of the in famous Rick Rubin. Strangely enough, the Chili Peppers and Rubin recorded that album in the same house that sheltered the Mars Volta during their creative process.


De-Loused in the Comatorium



The Mars Volta De-Loused in the Comatorium Story Review & Lyric Interpretation


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