Sak Click once on the original printer port and check the Enable Printer Pooling checkbox. Printer with Single Feed Send the new card to print again. For both connection types, the printer treats communication as if the PC driver is connected over a network. Select Apply to save the change. Right-click on the printer and select Properties. New Cards for Color Printing The printer is designed to print on new card stock.

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If you do not have access to the Installation CD, follow these steps: Jumo logoscreen cf manual filetype pdf San Bernardino. Jumo logoscreen cf manual filetype pdf — Magazine uder Run a Cleaning Card Run a printer cleaning card to clean debris from the inside of the printer. See steps to follow. Acer aspire service manual download filetype pdf. Check the boxes next to the ports added in Step 4. For both connection types, the printer treats communication as iser the PC driver is connected over a network.

The cleaning card can mxnual most contaminants from the printer. Usually, coercivity is a system-wide decision and does not change. If your cards include a magnetic stripe, a smart card chip, or other area, define the area to block printing. Open the Printer Manager The printer includes the Printer Manager, which displays information about the uaer.

Use cards that meet the size requirement for the printer. Jumo logoscreen cf manual filetype pdf Montana. Windows 7 includes a Keep printed documents choice on the Printer Properties For printers using the datacard xps card printer driver, usb and network 8 pages. Slide the card output hopper into the assembled base and printer. This sets the type of information you view.

Page From a PC running a Japanese edition of filetyoe supported Windows operating system Japanese-language characters are also supported. To solve the problem: The user can replace the small, standard hopper with the large hopper without using tools. Contrast To change the degree of difference between the light and dark values of an image, change the Contrast setting.

Card not in position Page 87 — Problem Cards are not loaded correctly. Begin with the printer power connected, and the printer connected to the network. Enter a printer name. Page 45 Plug in and power on the printer.

The coercivity and uset format are set in the printer. Obtain the lock from your dealer, because it includes an added security plate. You cannot switch the type of data cables after installing. The XPS Card Printer driver does not determine if each printer in the pool is fieltype to receive card jobs. The card data is missing or is not usable. Managing Color Printing Text The printer can print text in any color.

Repeat these steps until the cards meet your requirements. The printer is ready to print cards. Use cards that meet the requirements for the printer. Card button to verify that the installation is complete. Both printing and topcoat are blocked in these areas. If you have any questions about copyright issues, please report us to resolve them. Bar codes printed with YMC panels will not be as crisp and sharp as when printed with K only. Topcoat Add Statement Topcoat Add Statement The topcoat add statement prints topcoat in the area defined in the statement.

Page Topcoat should not be applied over the magnetic stripe, smart card chip, or signature panel of a card. Choose Printer and clear the appropriate choice to enable printing. Load Cards If you are using mabual manual feed Click the blue arrow pointing to the right. Replacement Parts The following replacement parts for use with the printer are available. Page Legal Notices The driver always uses bi-directional communication with the printer.

Jumo logoscreen cf manual filetype pdf If the printer is processing cards, you can press for 2 or more seconds to power the printer off immediately. The installer will show you the progress of the uninstall.

In most cases, install the driver from the Installation CD. If cards are stored in a cooler environment than the printer, allow them to reach room temperature before using. TOP Related Posts.


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