Waters writes that "Misdirection is the cornerstone of nearly all successful magic; without it, even the most skilled Sleight of Hand or mechanical device is unlikely to create an illusion of real magic. The mind of a typical audience member can only concentrate on one thing at a time. In the book, The Secret Art of Magic, authors Eric Evans and Nowlin Craver posit that magic is directly related to warfare, and relies on the same principles for success. Craver goes on to illustrate, through the 36 strategies, [7] how they form a blueprint for every known method of misdirection. In World War II , British military intelligence employed stage magician Jasper Maskelyne to help devise various forms of misdirection such as ruses, deception, and camouflage. Definitions[ edit ] In his book, Principles and Deceptions, Arthur Buckley questions the accuracy of the term.

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Fitzkee supplies practical examples in the form of tricks incorporating and utilizing these principles. It teaches you how to create the mechanics of an effect with the understanding that how an effect is accomplished is not as important as the effect itself. The Trick Brain is no mere book of tricks. It incorporates one of the most amazing ideas ever developed in magic.

Dariel Fitzkee reduces all magic tricks to only 19 general, basic effects. Then he examines all the possible ways of combining any of these effects.

He shows how to develop new tricks from old and how to evolve new plots and methods. Use this astounding system to create original tricks and original shows, or use it to revise old tricks. Reclaim magic props you no longer use. All of this is contained in a beautifully printed, page hardbound volume. It formalized a way of brainstorming, teaching the process Step by step, you will learn how to create a favorable reception through choice of material, style of performance, character of work, timing, pointing, pacing, building up to climaxes, emphasis, routining, arrangement of material, and in many other ways.

This is the classic tome of stage craft written by a showman ahead of his time. Some of the subjects covered in the 25 important chapters are: Music.


Magic by Misdirection



Magic By Misdirection


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