DA FORM 2408-9 PDF

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DA Form , Request for Issue or Turn-in is a form issued by the Department of the Army DA and used for listing supplies that are turned in or are being issued to a certain party or individual. The latest edition of the DA was released on December and is in use today. This version does not override the edition of the form. However, electronic signatures might be unavailable in older versions. The form - sometimes incorrectly referred to as the DD Form - is available for download below.

There are three forms related to the Request for Issue or Turn-in. The DA Form is a continuation sheet used when the space provided on the original form is not enough to input all necessary information.

First of all, check the box that labels the form as a request of issue or turn-in. Enter all of the main information surrounding the request in Boxes 1 through 9. Fill in the information about the materials being sent: who are they being sent to, the date they are required, priority and authorizations, and all identifying information about the items to be issued or turned in.

In Box 12 provide item numbers, stock numbers, descriptions, quantities. All costs and numbers must be added up an totaled at the bottom of Box The authorizing party and all supply chain officers must sign the DA Form A copy of the form should be kept in order to keep records and assure that all items are accounted for and properly issued through the supply chain.

Action Codes must be filled in Box 12F.


DA FORM 2408-9 PDF



DA Forms in MS Word



DA Form 3161 "Request for Issue or Turn-In"


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