The asessee can obtain a Valuation Report suo-moto from a Registered Valuer to substantiate his claim. Cost indices comparison from to A hypothetical summary of expenditure: National Seeds Corporation plays a key role in the implementation of various schemes of the Govt. The indices in Data Bank needs to be updated to the latest. Vpwd posts from previous: The weightage is prefixed as well as the prices. Sun Mar 02, 8: The onus probandi is rest with the department.

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No part of this publication, either in English or in Hindi, may be reproduced in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical including photocopy, recording or any information storage and retrieval system, without permission, in writing, from the Director General, CPWD, New Delhi. However, this may be used by other Govt. CPWD shall not be responsible for any ambiguity, discrepancy, dispute or financial loss, arising directly or indirectly by using or following items of DSR by such Govt.

Dealers In India Price : Rs. Apart from C. The Central Public Works Department Schedule of Rates was first compiled in the year , followed by a number of revisions from time to time in order to bring it in line with the prevailing technology and market rates.

The Delhi Schedule of Rates were revised many times in the subsequent years viz. The last Delhi Schedule of Rates was printed in The prices of labour and materials have registered substantial increase since then. Besides the cost, there has been spurt of new construction materials and introduction of Green Building concepts, new technology etc. This has necessitated revision of existing DSR to include the above changes. Items which are either obsolete or are not in use have been deleted.

Similar items have been clubbed to facilitate convenience of use. Several new items, based on new materials and new technologies in the construction sector, being adopted in CPWD works, have also been included in this document.

I wish to place on record the technical input and effective coordination on the part of Shri P. I am sure that this Schedule of Rates will be quite useful to all concerned in the Building industry in general and CPWD in particular. New Delhi C. Delhi Schedule of Rates includes the existing items of DSR , with deletion of few obsolete items, merger of similar items and addition of new items in line with emerging trends in construction technology.

Delhi Schedule of Rates is based on the prevailing market rates of materials in Delhi between April to Sept. The labour rates adopted are as per minimum wages issued by Govt. Items related to Green building concepts have also been introduced.

Sub head wise salient modifications and additions are as under A lot of effort has gone into the preparation of this Schedule of Rates. I convey my deep appreciation and sincere thanks to Shri A. Vashisth, AE, Shri A.

Upadhyay, AE, Shri R. Goel, JE, Shri A. Singh, JE, Shri K. Ratha, JE, Shri R. Kumar, D-Man, Shri B. Singh, D-Man and other staff of TAS unit for sincere efforts made in the preparation of this document in such a short time. I also express my sincere thanks to Shri V. Due care has been taken to print the Schedule of Rates as correctly as possible. It is, however, possible that some errors might have crept in.

In case of any discrepancy between English and Hindi versions, the English version shall be held valid. Suggestions for improvement are welcome. Several items related to the green building parameters have been introduced in addition to some existing items. This can be achieved by using low energy consuming materials, lightweight materials, and thermal insulated materials, advanced building technology with ecofriendly materials, optimum design, minimizing wastages and minimizing use of water, while ensuring optimum comfort to the users.

The details of the items are summerized here for implementation and convenience of the users. Sub Head no. Brief nomenclature of items.


DSR 2012 - CPWD





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