A kitchen is one of the most creative and popular rooms in your home. Within this space, families and friends create, share and bond invaluably. In feeding others, they feel our love. Renovar la cocina significa entre otras cosas hacer a un lado la antigua estufa y darle paso al pensamiento de que lo mejor siempre viene en 2, cocina y horno.

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A kitchen is one of the most creative and popular rooms in your home. Within this space, families and friends create, share and bond invaluably. In feeding others, they feel our love. Renovar la cocina significa entre otras cosas hacer a un lado la antigua estufa y darle paso al pensamiento de que lo mejor siempre viene en 2, cocina y horno.

If the kitchen is not designed well or if certain elements are missing, those creating meals will be less inclined to happily do so. Consider making changes that will improve the space and make it more conducive to creativity.

Revamping your kitchen begins with a much needed separation between grill and oven. Grill and Oven are no longer one —To automatically improve a kitchen we start by separating the grill and the oven— says Ing. You can also have a gas grill and an electric oven so you save on gas. Speaking of savings, using new technology induction cooktop on gas grills can make a difference. Electrons travel through magnets that direct heat through your casseroles and directly to your food. Food is cooked faster and more efficiently— says Ing.

Kitchen AID offers an interesting space-saving alternative that incorporates a mircowave, fan-oven and microwave all in one. This product allows air to flow, has a small oven and also serves as a microwave to cook with steam. An Energy-Saving Fridge The second item that can truly make a difference is your fridge. You want a powerful refrigerador yet you also want to save energy. Four-door refrigeradors are best as you can isolate what is being used and open only what you really want to take out.

Transparent container boxes help you identify what you want so you can quickly open and close your fridge. A Dishwasher that Saves Water Un Lavavajillas que Ahorre Agua Contrary to what one might think, they also allow you to save more water than you would by hand-washing dishes daily. En el momento que elige cambiar o renovar la cocina, se puede acercar a un asesor.

Coastal Kitchens If you live in the Bay you may wonder if there is such a thing as the ideal beach kitchen. There is no secret to maintaining a great kitchen when you live by the beach. Appliances must be maintained and salt and humidity do take their toll. In many cases, our appliances are cleaned with wet cloths and left to dry when staff leaves the premises and close the home. This is not a good practice as humidity is kept in and appliances, no matter what model or brand, will start to rust.

Loving your kitchen certainly adds to loving your home. E ating fresh food is essential for a healthy diet and one of the most traditional ways to do so is buying produce directly from the market. Local Markets When in Puerto Vallarta or Banderas Bay, you can purchase from the same suppliers that work with our local restaurants.

Emiliano Zapata Located in Old Town, this market offers fruit, meat, fish and flowers, among other things. This market is particularly interesting in terms of atmosphere and is very well organized. Located in the center of the Port, this is the place to visit when you develop a craving for the flavours of the sea.

As is the case with Emiliano Zapata, you can also enjoy Mexican cuisine on-site and strolling throughout this market is a colorful, folkloric experience. Mercado del Mar La Cruz de Huanacaxtle has undoubtedly developed the best ocean market in the Bay area.

Buying in markets helps strengthen local economy, helps small business owners grow and elevates living conditions for all involved. Puerto Vallarta is definitely a great place to acquire healthy, quality produce and in doing so, experience all a traditional mexican market has to offer. Emiliano Zapata, C. A dos cuadras del tunel chico. A 5 minutos del Hotel Buenaventura, en el centro. Palmar de Aramara, C. Two blocks from the small tunnel. R emember the Jetsons? That family from the future that seemed very much like us with the exception that everything in their home and surroundings was automated.

Life seemed simple for the Jetsons who dealt with less stress and effort thanks to all the automated tasks performed on their behalf. Created in , these fictional characters were not the only ones that made us believe one day our homes and lives could be enhanced by artificial intelligence.

Whether evil-minded like Proteus, the computer that completely overtook a home with its artificial intelligence or upbeat like P. What used to be considered science fiction and featured in books, movies or television shows is now a reality for some and expanding more and more each day.

This means that on an international level its engineers and developers came up with top notch solutions that can easily be implemented in daily life and in varying business models. According to Arq. This includes lighting, air conditioning, motorized curtains, projectors, electric doors, watering systems, fountains and much more.

This reduces the risk of potentially dangerous situations. You can activate alarms and control security cameras from any device. The system sends an email alert anytime it detects activity such water or gas sensors detecting a leak.

Monitoring can be done on-site or remotely through your smart phone or tablet with access to a browser and an internet connection. An APP allows you to safely access and control your home from the office of any other place you may be. Controling lights, motorization and alarms are the basic functions recommended for a smart home.

Managing a smart home is very simple as it can be done with voice commands or pre-programmed per hour and frequency. For example, imagine a family dinner where you can control lighting, music and climate with the touch of a button. You can create a perfect atmosphere from one place, without having to move. Technology should be used to improve quality of life. Automation is now commonly used in homes and the Jetsons life will soon be widely present within Banderas Bay condominiums.

Mezcal is perfect for a night out with friends and in Puerto Vallarta, Bar Morelos located at Morelos in downtown Vallarta offers approximately 69 different types of Mezcal, making it the ideal place to begin your journey of discovery. There are more than species in the agave family and Mexico boasts of these. Only a select few are used to produce Mezcal. Tequila must be produced with blue agave to have the designation of origin that confirms its authenticity and is more restricted in this sense.

He then buried the remains of his beloved Mayahuel and from these grew the very first maguey plant. A plant that would have lifealtering effects for the Mexicas. La Raicilla, al igual que el Tequila, en realidad es un Mezcal. Just like Tequila, Raicilla is in fact a Mezcal that has been enjoyed since the 16th century.

It was the main drink for those living in the mountains of the western Sierra Madre in Jalisco. Thus, producers quickly figured out how to avoid this and simply changed the name from Mezcal to Raicilla. The product remained the same but Raicilla was essentially a Mezcal produced off the books. Handmade and Industrial Unlike Tequila, Mezcal has an handmade production process from beginning to end.

Agave collected to produce Mezcal must be at least 13 years old in order to be cooked for 68 to 72 hours in large woodburning stoves. The plant is then chopped to a pulp and placed in large wooden barrels or glass containers for fermentation. With Tequila, for example, flavor and aroma are neutral and will depend on the yeast used to accelerate its fermentation.

Mezcal flavors vary from one place to the next because of geographical components. If its a coastal Mezcal, flavors will include tropical fruit, minerals, white pepper and smoke. Similar to wine, location affects the flavor of the base ingredients and thus, overall taste of the product. When shifting the bottle you should observe a pearly texture. The higher the percentage of alcohol, the weaker this effect will be. Finally, a true Mezcal will have the famous agave worm inside. This creature grows inside the maguey and is rich in minerals, calcium and magnesium.

The taste of a Mezcal varies according to the recipient used for its aging. They say Mezcal should be enjoyed like small, soft kisses. A little bit at a time so as not to scratch or burn your throat. Tequila is often taken straight, in a shot with salt and lime but this is mostly done with younger Tequilas. Mezcal, on the other hand, is never taken as a shot but slowly sipped and accompanied by slices of orange and traditional maguey worm salt.

Raicilla Mezcal is a distilled drink that has a surprising velvety taste and is perfectly accompanied by lime and salt. Mezcal should linger in your mouth in order to fully appreciate its flavors and allow them to explode as you slowly absorb this textured beverage. Celebrate the privilege of living in Puerto Vallarta by savoring this unique spirit. Una de las 36 T he privileged people who get up in the morning, grab a coffee and head out to their balcony to find inspiration have something more to be grateful for: the unique mix of mountains and sea accessible to all who live in Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta is beautifully snuggled between lush, tropical mountains and the sparkly blue sea. Beautiful on their own, together they offer stunning visuals that combine purple and blue sunrises over the majestic western Sierra Madre, with orange and gold sunsets that fall into the poetic Pacific Ocean.

Mountain Living Those who choose to live in the mountains of Puerto Vallarta are surrounded by lush, tropical jungle, local fauna and a view of the gorgeous Pacific Ocean. Sometimes challenging to get to, the upside is complete privacy. Typically, living in the mountains means loving nature, hiking and even driving through trees and crossing rivers to get home. Being off the beaten track and less attainable also means peace and quiet.

Relaxation is favorable and local traffic is something they only occasionally have to face. Rain falling on the trees, crickets singing at night, fauna natural sounds all combine to offer a natural, almost desert island type feeling that is truly memorable and magical.


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