There are literally thousands of Capoeira songs out there. However only a small fraction of these are commonly sung in a roda, have a significant message, or a beautiful melody. The goal of this site to focus on those popular and quality songs by providing quality over quantity. This will help you get an idea of how the song goes.

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Plus a guide on Brazilian Portuguese pronunciation, a capoeira glossary, an article about religion and its connection to Capoeira articles about Capaoeira songs. II Aim The aim of this document is to serve as a high quality resource for English speaking Capoeirsistas who wish to deepen their knowledge of the most widely sung Capoeira songs and the wisdom contained therein and hopefully improving their Portugese at the same time.

It is my hope that with feedback from users, this document will expand and be enriched. I hope to release a revised version at least twice a year. Apart from containing just lyrics in Portugese and English there is a section on pronunciation as well as a glossary at the end.

T , as well as a section summarsing religious syncretism and its connection to Capoeira. There are also Acknowledgements A debt is due to those soles who typed up capoeira songs and in some cases translated them and released them on the net to help budding non-Portugese speaking Capoeiristas like myself!

Songs that have been taken from the net, have been improved on; in particular with reference to grammar errors, unnatural translations and missing cultural and historical references — perhaps the most important thing to help deepen knowledge of Capoeira. In addition, a big thanks to Pirulito from capoeira4all.

Finally a big thank you to Raposa from Shadowcatcapoeira, who painstakingly edited this document for grammar, spelling as well as plain silly translations!!!!! Other non-lyric based acknowledgements are found within the document. Song Versions There are often several versions of songs sung by different groups in different ways — Capoeira is an oral tradition so this is always bound to be the case! The document will become too complex with all such variations, so just edit songs to tailour them to how you like them!

In this way the document will grow and be enriched. Similary, please contact me if you find any errors or know anything about the meaning or history of a Note, I will only include group specific songs if they are widely sung by many groups.


Capoeira Songbook



All Capoeira Songs (corridos)


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