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Ensure use of the most current version of this document by searching British Standards Online at bsonline. Bechtel Ltd. Uncontrolled Copy. BS Page Figure 9 — Wedge loading of full size bolt 16 Figure 10 — Proof load test for nut 17 Figure 11 — Nut squareness gauge 19 Table 1 — Number of pieces comprising a batch of bolts 1 Table 2 — Tolerance on nominal length 2 Table 3 — Thread lengths 2 Table 4 — Mechanical properties of bolts 4 Table 5 — Dimensions of hexagon head bolts 5 Table 6 — Number of pieces comprising a batch of nuts 6 Table 7 — Proof loads for nuts coarse pitch series 7 Table 8 — Dimensions of hexagon nuts 8 Table 9 — Number of pieces comprising a batch of washers 9 Table 10 — Dimensions of flat round washers 10 Table 11 — Dimensions of square taper washers 11 Table 12 — Dimensions for wedge loading test 16 Licensed Copy: Akin Koksal.

Thread data and standard thread series. Testing of metals. BS General grade metric series. Method for Vickers hardness test. This standard makes reference to the following British Standards: BS Although at present there are no ISO Recommendations.

Limits and tolerances for coarse pitch series threads. The Catalogue may be consulted in many public libraries and similar institutions. Limits and fits for engineering. Pipe threads. Methods for tensile testing of metals.. Although the basic hexagon sizes for the bolts and nuts are in accordance with ISO Recommendation R Licensed Copy: Akin Koksal.

The use of high strength friction grip bolts in structural engineering. Method for Rockwell hardness test. Unified screw threads. Method for Brinell hardness test. ISO metric screw threads. The thicknesses for the flat washers have been based on those currently given in BS Part 1. The dimensions of square taper washers given in this standard have been based on the inch sizes at present given in BS NOTE 2 Although the mechanical requirements specified in this standard are in metric technical units i.

It is continental practice to maintain a constant tensile strength Licensed Copy: Akin Koksal. For further information about SI units see PD This minor deviation was justified by the committee on the grounds that these products were not general purpose bolts and as such. It also seems unlikely that a metric version of BS 4 would in any way change the flange angles. It was originally intended to specify ISO strength Grade 8. On the question of the material to be utilized for general grade bolts to Part 1 of this standard.

It was felt by the committee that economic considerations were important in this respect and might prove paramount for users intending to change over to metric products.

Compliance with a British Standard does not of itself confer immunity from legal obligations. Users of British Standards are responsible for their correct application. This will be indicated in the amendment table on the inside front cover. This standard has been updated see copyright date and may have had amendments incorporated. BS A British Standard does not purport to include all the necessary provisions of a contract. A batch shall consist of the number of Any alternative method of use should be left to the responsibility pieces shown in Table 1.

Figure 2. Should any specimen fail to meet the plies of connected members. Bechtel Ltd.. NOTE Attention is drawn to the importance of ensuring that these bolts are correctly used if satisfactory results are to be 2. Part 1 of this British Standard specifies requirements for one general grade of quenched 2.

Bolts shall meet the requirements set out in Table 4 2. In the case of the oxygen processes the bolts shall be in accordance with the requirements maximum content of nitrogen shall not specified in Steel used in the manufacture shall be that produced by the open-hearth. Recommendations giving guidance in the use of this 2.

Full details of If these tests are required. The tolerance on the nominal for all properties selected for the test programme length shall be as given in Table 2. The nominal length of the Bolts shall be heat-treated under uniform bolt shall be the distance from the underside of the conditions. The maximum content of sulphur and phosphorus shall not exceed 0. The standard nominal lengths are given in Appendix F.

Each test selected from form of fastener are given in BS. They shall be hardened by quenching in head to the extreme end of the shank.

Table 5 and subject to a tolerance of plus 0. ISO metric thread see Figure 1. The ends of bolts may. The maximum and 2. The standard thread lengths are based on the formulae set out in Table 3. BS Table 2 — Tolerance on nominal length 2. The depth of the thread or with a radius approximately shank diameter shall be capable of acceptance by a Licensed Copy: Akin Koksal.

They shall also bear as possible on to the bolt by hand. Tolerance on Bolts that are too short for minimum thread length Over Up to and length shall be threaded as near to the head as possible. Columns 2 and 3. The form of thread. Part 2. The tolerances on bolt thread Nominal length lengths shall be plus two pitches for all diameters.

The length of thread on 2. Table 4 — Mechanical properties of bolts 4 BS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Pitch Tensile Hardness see Note 5 Nominal of Yield load or load Elongation size and thread stress Ultimate load see Note 2 permanent set at limit Proof load thread coarse area see min. NOTE 3 Based on Only to be used for the lighter type of construction where practical conditions.

Equivalent to stress at permanent set limit R0. NOTE 4 Based on NOTE 5 Hardness values are given for guidance only. Nuts for use with standard grade high strength friction grip bolts shall be identified by being Table 6 — Number of pieces comprising a marked on the chamfered face with three similar batch of nuts circumferential arcs degrees apart. Free cutting 3. Brinell HB HB 3. The screw threads shall be made oil and shall then be tempered.

If nuts of 30 mm upper faces and they shall have a washer face on the diameter or over cannot be subjected to the proof bearing surface. The bearing surface of the nut shall be machined or Min. BS 3 Nuts 3. They shall be hardened by quenching in 3. The form of thread and diameters 3. Table 8. Nuts shall be Nuts shall meet the requirements set out in Table 7. Three nuts shall be selected undertaken is shown in Appendix E. The diameter of the ring formed by load test. Should any specimen fail to meet the requirements of a specified test.

Over 16 mm up to and 5 or fraction thereof including 24 mm Over 24 mm 2 or fraction thereof 3. Figure 4. Up to and 15 or fraction Markings may be either embossed or indented at including 16 mm thereof the option of the manufacturer. NOTE 2 For method of carrying out test.

Only to be used for the lighter type of construction where practical conditions such as material thickness do not warrant the usage of a larger size bolt than M Tapered washers shall be 4. Scale 38 to 45 HRC. BS 4 Washers 4. Flat round washers for use specified in BS


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