The result: A top-class amplifier and a truly high-end statement. After a long period of research and development to bring innovative technologies and an extremely fastidious manufacturing process together, it is then combined with our love for music as the driving force, the BRAX MX4 is without a doubt the most powerful and quite simply put - The Best Sounding 4-channel amplifier this side of Mars! Regarding the clean cut design of the MX4 amplifier and the sophisticated layout of the circuit board, we have deliberately set crossovers and filter functions aside. In order to completely eliminate power differences and the need for manufacturing tolerances, we only use hand-selected transistors for the production of each MX4 amplifier.

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Durch den qualifizierten Einbau erhalten Sie den Anspruch auf unsere gesonderten Garantieleistungen. Ausstattungsmerkmale und Bedienelemente Lautsprecheranschlussklemmen Die Klemmen dienen zum Anschluss der Lautsprecherleitungen.

Page Dear Customer We have provided the amplifier BRAX Matrix X2 with everything it requires in order to set new standards concerning sound quality, manufacturing, and longevity. At the end of the day, the BRAX Matrix X2 can be described as an amplifier with a sound rendition that is highly dynamic, powerful in an awsome way and swift as an arrow. The underlying philosophy is topped-off by a packaging in a precious wooden box. Page 18 The PSoC controller is responsible for the five resistance.

Moreover, it monitors the entire amplifier guarantee exceptional high efficiency and opti- by means of the protection electronics. We guarantee that this product has been checked for proper functioning before shipping. Before you start installation, dis- connect the car battery at the minus pole. Page Connection Of The Power Supply As an aid to calculating the cross-sectional requirements of power cables which are not longer than 5 m, we recommend max. Thus, the amplifier has always enough power for a perfect performance.

Equipment and control units Loudspeaker terminals To connect the speaker cables. Never connect the loudspeaker cables with the car chassis ground. It damages your amplifier. Page 22 The connectors are gold-plated to ensure a better signal transmission.

Balanced signal inputs The amplifier BRAX Matrix X2 has two balanced signal inputs which account for the elimination of distortions on the signal path.

Cause: The speaker wiring is faulty short circuit between the wires or to the chassis of the vehicle. Page Warranty Regulations 2 years. Additionally, we provide a lifetime warranty max. The products are checked and tested carefully during the entire production process. In the case of service, please note the following: The 2 years warranty period begins with the purchase of the product and is applicable only to the original owner.

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BRAX(ブラックス) Matrix MX4の評価・評判・口コミ



BRAX Matrix 4 CH Amp X4



BRAX MATRIX X2 Instruction Manual




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