GOD is Creative Spirit, everywhere present, eternally here. In Him is all life, intelligence, goodness, holiness and truth. He knows no want. He suffers no pain. He is unlimited in time, space and circumstance. Man, child of God, is divine spirit, shares His resources, lives, moves and has his being in God as an infinite sea.

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Being is unfolding itself or passing itself into manifestation. In being is the infinite possibility; in becoming, this possibility is expressing. In creation, the Creator is passing into the created. Since Spirit is All, It must be the substance of all.

There is nothing but Itself. In making a universe, WE live not only in a world of being but also in a world of becoming. In making a universe, It must fashion it out of the only material available—Itself or Being. As Being is also Mind, Its activity is that of thought; and whatever Spirit makes, It must make by passing its one essence—Mind—out into the many expressions—form—through the mould or channel—thought.

To be is to think; to think is to create. Creation is eternally going on. Spirit is eternally being transformed or brought across into visible concrete substance.

Or we may say that Spirit is substance which now passes into form. The growth of a lily well illustrates it. In the bulb is the potential form of the lily. The life-principle or soul is hidden in the bulb. At any point in the growth of the lily, two facts are cognizable. The lily has being or life. We can say of it, "It is. It has potential power and infinite calm. But in its growth, it is also becoming. It is taking form and expressing beauty. Life, spirit, or being is passing into manifestation in the form of a lily.

Being is becoming manifest. Spirit is expressing or becoming manifest through us. It is in this way that the universal can individualize itself. It is through the recognition of the nature of the individual self that we can grasp the idea of and contact the universal. Expansion of consciousness must inevitably follow in the wake of truth.

We must rise to the glory of this truth: man is spirit, individualized into self-consciousness. God is on a glorious adventure through each of us. We are like the wave that rises on the bosom of the ocean. No matter how high or how proudly it may toss its crest, no matter what shape and form it may assume, no matter how peaceful or threatening, no matter how it may conceive itself as apart from the rest: still it lies forever on the breast of the sea, still it shares the nature and power of its source, still it is related to every other individual.

There never can be any real separation in spirit. In the end, we must recognize in each our other self.


being and becoming de holmes fenwicke

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Being and Becoming


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