Because, you know, the universe cares about you. Forget that on a universal scale you are indistinguishable from the bacteria that live inside your gut: the universe cares about what you want and will help you get it. The chapter on how this works is very imprecise. How that relates to the universe getting you the boyfriend you want is not clear.

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Yet her end was equally dramatic: in October , after an agonising illness, the best-selling authoress was dead aged just Read here why her premature death was no coincidence. It is much more about demonstrating that we should not undertake the journey into esotericism lightly.

For although the ignorant may brush esotericism aside as an anchor for souls otherwise unable to cope with life, in reality it is no playground to make merry, no short-cut to quick-earned cash and certainly no Disneyland to distract and quieten the squabbling masses—however good it may feel at the time. It is the field on which the creative forces meet—the white creators versus the black destroyers.

But more than anything, it is certainly not a business—and show business even less. Of course she meant well. But these are not valid criteria in her chosen field. Granted, if someone wanted to establish a career as a figure-skater, slipped on her first double loop jump and broke her neck, that young woman could still be as friendly, as pretty and as nice—and anyone would smack their forehead and ask: was she mad? Simply striking out on the ice and leaping around like that can be fatal.

Just like it is to play around with esotericism without studying it carefully for years. Her motives had never been of a spiritual nature. I wanted to publish a partly spiritual, partly secular magazine, reporting positive news. Here we already have possibly two wrong reasons for venturing into esotericism.

Then, I began to have experiences myself, that proved unequivocally that I had been mistaken. The Bible did not resonate with me, but many other books of a spiritual bent opened my eyes. Even if a thousand other people accepted a teaching as truth merely because a guru pronounced it so, I needed to filter it through my own experience. Belief is a force that inspires further questing after belief. Possibly, however, everyone creates themselves and manages to forget. I have discovered a kind of spiritual telephone, through which I can communicate my wishes to this force in the same way that one would order a pair of jeans from a mail-order company.

And so this is the model that has been created for me. However—hold on to your hats here—it is a camouflaged form of black magic and you need finely honed powers of discrimination to recognise the pitfalls. In fact, she acts like an innocent child with thousands of great big wishes. The nature of a child is that it wants to have. And at some point, a person should move from Having to Being—well, those who venture into esotericism in any case.

You can train to listen to the inner voice by using small orders. Highly spiritualist would have expressed it better. Many immediately took this to heart and immediately placed their wish list on the Internet. Please let my husband have fun at work and come home in a good mood. Please show me a way to find good part-time work, despite my communication problems. Please let me continue losing weight on the diet and get fit. Please let me find a good house for our family where we all feel at home.

Please let me use the car for once on Saturday, as I urgently need tablets for the dog. Thanks very much, dear universe. Love, Olga. Not only does she simply place an order; she also offers thanks before the wish has even come true. Thank you for the wishes that came true.

For this week, I would like: my children to make good progress at school and show me this with excellent grades. Tobias to be a better football player. Thank you for the weather I wished for. Thank you for our good team-work at work. Thank you for the profit I will be able to make in October. Thank you for the new car, which will be just perfect for me. Thank you for the beautiful things I am able to experience.

I am entitled to be happy, content and rich in all respects. I am entitled to the fulfilment of all these wishes.

In love and gratitude, Marina. I love life and life loves me. These beings celebrate when they are able to lead awakening souls down the wrong path—the path to selfishness and selfhood that always leads to greater inner dissatisfaction and thus further away from the divine world. Those well-versed in esoteric matters know that the divine world never, ever releases its valuable energy for selfish, self-centred wishes. It only supports selfless intentions that in some way help life to grow or survive on this precious planet.

And it is the altruistic service of such people that ensures a backflow of energy that will in turn provide for their true needs without needing to draw up a wish-list! And sometimes the worlds that lie between those two are our salvation! Normal wish orders were soon no longer enough. Imagine, if you please, a small rocket with your own wish stuck on it racing at the speed of light into the Universe with an extra instruction express order … delivered by express courier!

Please quickly send me: LOVE! And , Euros! You know my address! Thank you, thank you that I can order like this! The Bulgarian mystic Omraam Aivanov had a lot to say on this subject, and you have the opportunity to read it here.

His discoveries can change your life for the better. Did you enjoy the article? Share the article with your friends and relatives or send us Feedback. This article appears in Facts are Facts No.


Cosmic Ordering Service

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The Cosmic Ordering Service



When the "Cosmic Ordering Service" Delivers More Than You Have Bargained for


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