Shelves: sherrilyn-kenyon This novel was from the BAD series, using 2 agents in the main storyline. Plus adding action you can feel. Agency series, almost eight years to be exact, a shocker when I looked it up. I enjoyed those stories, but I ended up putting them on the back burner in favor of reading her Dark-Hunter series instead. I decided it was finally time to give the B.

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Try being an undercover agent when you had a very famous look-alike. Likes to scuba dive, restore vintage motorcycles and play with firearms. Convicts tended to come with a lot of emotional baggage and the last thing she needed was a cry-baby or a loon. Syd had never liked playing wet nurse to anyone.

What was it with all these men who wanted to do things their way? But as Syd skimmed his dossier she had to admit this man had some serious potential. The guy was definitely built for sin. His body was lean and hard from hours of Army training. He had dark, seductive eyes and a smile that should grace the cover of GQ.

It was all she could do not whistle at the package he presented. No man should be that ripped and tanned. At least not unless he was in her bed a night or two… Squelching that line of thought, she closed the folder, then handed it back to Tee. It was a pity the man was such a pompous jerk. Then he was more repellent than a wildebeest in heat. She arched a brow at him. You still limping?

Seems they want to honor me for saving the gene pool. Is this one a go? She waved it in front of her, like a piece of delectable chocolate. Trust me. You want to talk to this one. You need to talk to this one. Tee was incorrigible. Tee returned the picture to her folder.

Can you be ready? She had a lot of work to do, but she needed to make sure this one would work out. From his file, Steele looked to be just what the doctor ordered and Army men were good at following orders. None of them had been right.

Convict, scuba-diving loon that Steele was, he was all or nothing… God help them. Oh and I almost forgot the best part… you know our friends at Asset Protection? I have it on good authority that they even made an employment offer not too long back.

Oh yeah, he was perfect. Tee winked at her. It was an oath she took most seriously. If she failed in this mission, there was no telling what repercussions could effect not just her life, but millions of others. Who would have ever thought that the best way to save lives was to take one?

But then that was what Joe had preached to her from the first day on her job. He even had a name for it. Political pruning. In order to make the tree grow, the dead, diseased and contaminated limbs had to be removed. It was a dog-eat-dog world and she had the biggest bite of all. Normally he saw good potential whenever she handed it to him.

Marches to his own tune and makes quick decisions. Okay, granted shooting at the C. Other than that one tiny critical error in judgment, he sounds like a perfect recruit for the Bureau of American Defense. Unlike his, which was always kept scrupulously clean, hers was littered with catalogues, files, papers and several small Amy Brown statues that she collected.

Now make the call, Joe. He opened the cover and started spinning through the cards. Face it, babe. The minute before noon and the minute right after. I could even arrange to get you killed. Or kill you myself. What was it you said just ten minutes ago? Get this damned thing off my desk before I shoot it? Now make the call, Mr. Tee caught it, kissed it, then hurled it back at him.

It rebounded off his head. He growled at her as he bent over, like any good Obsessive-Compulsive, picked it up from the floor and tossed it into the garbage can. She forced herself not to smile at the fact that she was getting her way…again.

But then she almost always did with Joe. He was like a big surly bear in a cave. You poked him, he growled threateningly, then moved aside as he rubbed his tush and glared menacingly at you.

Then again, Joe only did that for her. Deep down, she knew the truth. Joe Public was never a pushover. He was hard-nosed, callous and stern. He had long dark brown hair that he usually wore pulled back in a pony-tail. Eyes that were so blue, they should be illegal and a butt so fine that Hollywood agents would jump to sign it. Lean and taut, his body could rival any male gymnast.

Joe was her ex-partner and at the end of the day, her boss. There could never be anything more than that between them and she knew it. She listened to that take-no-shit tone of his as he talked to their contact. A New York city boy, Joe was able to disguise his accent ninety-nine percent of the time. But when he was trying to intimidate or take control, that accent came out full force. And something about it was sexy as hell.

But then his voice always was. Deep and resonate, it had a way of sending chills up and down her spine. Joe hung up the phone. Boy, was he ever wrong. Yee-haw, his life was great.

What were the odds of that? So had all of his friends. Jack was holed up in a bunker away from the world where he most likely had no idea what had happened to him, and Brian… He winced as pain cut through him like glycerin on glass.

How could his family have cut him loose so easily? None of them wanted the taint of his incarceration to stick to them. Like they were the ones who had to live the horror of his life.

Yeah, right. He was through with killing for a paycheck. His days of pulling a trigger were over. Steele turned off the food processor, then wiped his hands on his apron. He pulled the apron off over his head and hung it up on the wall hook. He was more like the kind who generally gave them all a bad name. Steele really detested the bastard.

We got the fucking president out there or something? Everyone was the kind of person you pissed off at some point. No one, not even the president was that big.

Here at Club Leavenworth, daily humiliation was just par for the course. And if he was really lucky they might even wake him up in the middle of the night and let him scrub toilets with his toothbrush again.

Oh goody!


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