So people seem to really love the writing advice that I posted a few days ago. There has been more than a little twirling here at Casa de Marni. And then I realized something very important… ALL of my advice was geared for aspiring authors. And I want to take a crack at some of the pressing issues that my author friends are dealing with right now. Accept that most days your books will feel pretty irrelevant.

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In fact, I prefer it that way. Except maybe some people in Burma and Sudan My younger brother, Dylan, was always the one who craved The Big Moment. You know: catch the football in overtime with a few seconds left on the clock to score the winning touchdown. The very idea of a stadium full of people watching me makes me want to hurl. I remember every detail perfectly. My mom was in the audience cradling a baby Dylan in her lap as I leaped across the stage. We have the recital on tape.

You can tell when my world imploded by the way my brown eyes expanded and my shoulder-length brown hair whipped my face as I looked from my dad to my happily waving mom. But it gets worse—so much worse. I was frozen while all the other little girls twirled and flounced around me.

I stumbled out of formation and—blinded by the stage lights—I tripped on the sound system cable and went flying right into the curtains, which promptly fell down and revealed my dad sucking face. And in this specific case I think Freud might have a point. I avoid the spotlight. I guess you could say that I strive for anonymity. Chapter Two "Hey, Kenzie. Yes, she has the unfortunate distinction of having the most boring name of all time.

She is also the only person who can call me anything besides Mackenzie. You have to make some concessions for friends who have stood by you since elementary school. But not even Jane is allowed to call me Mack.

Jane grinned and tucked a strand of her dark auburn hair behind an ear. I kid you not, sighed. Although I must not have said them with the required amount of enthusiasm, since Jane then rolled her eyes. So when he told us he was gay, we just went to more sports events to scope out guys.

I just laughed as we pulled up to Smith High School. Then again, boring is the best adjective for Forest Grove, Oregon, a suburb outside of Portland and my hometown. The school was actually named after Alvin and Abigail Smith, who wanted to be missionaries until they found out that European diseases had killed off the native population.

Nothing like having "the Missionaries" as a school mascot, especially since they represent the destruction of an entire culture. I kept that to myself, though. Anyway, Jane and I strolled over to our lockers, careful to avoid the courtyard area between the academic buildings where the Notables reigned.

See, my school is divided into two main social classes: the Notables who exist in a sphere of coolness and the Invisibles like, well At Smith High School, one look from Chelsea is the only forewarning of impending doom.

Chelsea has a knack for subtly and skillfully turning girls into social lepers. So as his history tutor I was fairly safe. Chelsea usually ignored me. This sudden eye contact was unprecedented. Talk to her, I guess. Then I laughed desperately as if she had just said something terribly funny. We were getting closer and closer to Chelsea. It was time to forge ahead and talk to her All I could think was, oh, crap, when Jane ditched me only a few feet away from Chelsea.

I jerked my head in a neurotic sort of nod at Chelsea and was about to say something classy like "hi" when my mouth inexplicably went into overload. Any exciting plans for the weekend? Listen, I need help on an essay. I had no social life—just homework. Kill two birds with one stone.

Chelsea turned to face someone with her lips puckered into a pout. I looked and felt my stomach drop. Of course Logan Beckett would be right there silently watching his history tutor get flustered over a simple request.

Which was weird since I knew they had dated back in middle school. Everyone had been really surprised when the Notable royalty broke up in seventh grade. Corey and Jane had even bet on the outcome. That sort of inconsideration is why I viewed Logan Beckett only as a tool for social safety and a regular paycheck.

Not that it mattered. Depressing, but true. Logan Beckett, on the other hand, had it all: classic good looks, money, social standing, and the captaincy of the high school hockey team. And the only thing that the hockey stuff proves is that he can hit a puck. Insert eye-roll here. But in this case it pays, quite literally, to be repressed. I needed the tutoring job. At the rate we were going, his doctor parents were financing my college laptop and textbooks.

So I was determined not to mess it up. Chelsea turned her eyes up at him prettily. See you guys then. I could practically hear my system switching into overdrive.

Seeing Patrick so close, I panicked. As I turned abruptly, my backpack smacked hard into a burley member of the high school football team. Alex Thompson was invested in the appearance of manliness—an appearance that was greatly diminished when a gawky girl of five feet seven and a half inches knocked him down.

For the record, it was the weight from all my AP textbooks that propelled him off the cement steps that separated the Notables from the Invisibles. But I sincerely doubt he was thinking about his tough-guy reputation when I sent him flying and he landed with a sickening crunch.

I completely freaked out. I scrambled, stumbled, and nearly fell on top of him. All I could think was, Oh, my god! I have to DO something! I threw a leg over, straddling him, and started doing timed chest compressions. The world had gone fuzzy around the edges, like a camera out of focus, and I had trouble breathing. I barely noticed when someone shoved my head between my knees, like some weak, quivering heroine from a sappy romance novel who might faint at any moment.

Normally, this kind of assistance would irritate the hell out of me. I killed him, I thought numbly. I killed him with my awkwardness! So I was shocked when he pulled himself up to a sitting position.

Something Alex Thompson discovered the hard way I am so incredibly sorry. Are you all right? It was an accident.

Which really was a poor choice of locations. Not that there is a right place to knock somebody over. Or should I just go? I should probably leave, right? All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc.



So, real talk: Who among us was never awkward in high school? Is anybody raising their hand? Although to be accurate, what is at first LITERAL embarrassment eventually turns into more an embarrassment of riches, and our girl Mackenzie is caught in the whirlwind of the viral-video famous. A perfect, fun contemporary with an endearing, and, yes, awkward main character whom you root for from page 1. Mackenzie just seemed to confidently if unwittingly throw herself into all these crazy shenanigans, and I loved it. My fave funny part, though, involves Mackenzie and some ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ahhhlcohol.


Quotes from Awkward

I am sure this book will never win a Novel. Someone like, oh, I dunno, me! Local media catches her off guard and do more to fan the flames. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Dia nggak ragu ngaku kalau dia suka bayes branded-nya. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. I have to say my favorite part of the book was a line you will see used through out the book.


Shelves: library This one falls into the Fun Read category. Mackenzie introduces herself as an Invisible. Shes awkward and geeky and thankfully, invisible is right where she wants to be. Of course, its de rigueur that she has a fantasyland crush on a Notable, and Patrick happens to be marginally responsible for her infamy. Shes caught in a weird power play conversation with Logan, a Notable whose parents pay her very well to tutor, and his Mean Girl ex when Patrick enters her line of sight.


So something pretty awesome happened yesterday. I turned in my edits for the last book in my Smith High series! I looked something like this when I sent it back to my editor, Alicia Condon. And then I impressed a whole bunch of travelers with my happy dance.

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