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Take vacuum cleaner and vacuum cleaner accessories out of the pack- 3. The mains plug should not yet be inserted into a socket. Apply parking brakes A on both castors. Open the retaining clamps B and remove the upper section of the vacuum clean- 4. The mains plug should not disposal bag yet be inserted into a socket. Swing the bar B upwards.

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Saftey Issues B. Technical data C. Construction Function E. Trouble shooting Spare parts Tooles H. Diagram Page 6 Nilfisk Technical Data. Page 7 Nilfisk Technical Data. Page 8 Nilfisk Construction. Page 9 Nilfisk Construction. Page 10 Nilfisk Construction. Page 11 Nilfisk Construction. ALTO Electrical components. Attix Attix SD Page 12 Nilfisk Function.

Page 13 Nilfisk Function. ALTO Aut. Cleaning function. Even with extremely fine dust the automatic filter cleaning function allows you to work constantly with the same suction performance without having to manually clean the filter. To make it possible to clean the filter during cleaning work, the filter has been divided into two halves by means of two side seals on the filter holder. Page 14 Nilfisk Function.

ALTO Automatic filter cleaning. Sucking on both sides of the filterspliting. Electromagnet valve piston is closed. Servo motor is in neutral. Right side will be closed. Sucking on the left side of the filter. Take the cleaner head with the adapter ring off the container, and lift the container out of the base frame. Mark 1 the position of the grip 4 and the facing stop 5 on the container. Mark the position of the belt on the container 1. Remove 4 screws. Remove 2 screws in the handle Fig.

Release by pulling. Filter cleaning No. Magnetic Yellow led Valve plug. Magnetic valve. Machine does not clean the Filter. Is LED no. Calibration sensor Alto no.

Electronic device to check EC turbine Alto no. Digital multimeter 4. Test device Alto no. This manual is also suitable for:.


Nilfisk-ALTO ATTIX 961-01 Operating Instructions Manual



Nilfisk Industriesauger Attix 961-01


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