It supports all the structural elements necessary for writing notes, documentation, articles, books, ebooks, slideshows, web pages, technical manuals and blogs. AsciiDoc is used in static site generators like Antora. In , the Asciidoctor project was released. It was an effort to bring a comprehensive and accessible publishing toolchain, centered around the AsciiDoc syntax, to a growing range of ecosystems, including Ruby, JavaScript and the JVM. Why use AsciiDoc? With AsciiDoc you can forget about layout, typesetting, styling and even some semantics and just write.

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You can use either the standard macro syntax or the preferred alternative. Example anchor: [[X1]] You may have noticed that the syntax of this inline element is the same as that of the BlockId block element , this is no coincidence since they are functionally equivalent. Images can serve as hyperlinks using the image macro. Images Inline images are inserted into the output document using the image macro.

Image macro attributes The optional first positional attribute list entry specifies the alternative text which is displayed if the output application is unable to process the image file. The following example links a screenshot thumbnail to a full size version: image:screen-thumbnail.

There are two include macros: include which allows nested include macros and include1 which does not allow nested includes. Example: Include macro examples include::chapter1.

Since it is enclosed in a BackendBlock the text from table6. Filters Filters are external shell commands used to process Paragraph and DelimitedBlock content; they are specified in configuration file Paragraph and DelimitedBlock definitions. Attribute substitution is performed on the filter command prior to execution — attributes can be used to pass parameters from the AsciiDoc source document to the filter. Filters can potentially generate unsafe output.

Then it looks in the asciidoc 1. Filter Configuration Files Since filters are normally accompanied by a configuration file containing an example filter Paragraph or filter DelimitedBlock definition. Code Filter AsciiDoc comes with a simple minded code-filter for highlighting source code keywords and comments.

A full featured source code highlighter filter source-highlight-filter. GNU source-highlight generates nicely formatted source code for most common programming languages. Example: Shell source file source-highlight-filter example!


How to create a blog with AsciiDoc

Subscribe now Get the highlights in your inbox every week. I work daily with content management tools and support documentation writers whose preferred markup language is AsciiDoc. It has a simple syntax, but enough features to keep even a hardcore documentation nerd happy. AsciiDoc allows you to write documentation in a more natural way and mark it up cleanly for presentation on the web or as a PDF. The pages are rendered in HTML, so sites are blazingly fast and very easy to maintain.


AsciiDoc Markup Syntax Quick Summary

Asciidoctor User Manual: syntax Open your text file in Chrome to start previewing it. Have your text editor open right next to Chrome so you have a side-by-side editor viewer. Pro Tip: Bookmark your AsciiDoc text file. Then write links to all your other docs creating a simple wiki or intranet site on your computer; powered by this browser extension and a text editor. It automatically detects. But I use.

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