Scroll ascent speed value with 3. Page 55 Operating Depth of gas d. MB level by pushing 6. To print the manual completely, please, download it.

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Next skip Safety considerations For more details visit www. Even if you follow the instructions of this manual in a careful manner, it is still possible that you may be seriously injured or die from decompression sickness, oxygen toxicity or some other inherent risk of scuba with Nitrox or compressed air. Unless you are fully aware of these risks and are willing to personally accept and assume responsibility for those risks, do not use Aladin TEC 2G.

Following these guidelines will greatly increase your safety while diving, but cannot guarantee that decompression sickness or oxygen toxicity will not occur. An incorrect gas mixture can be lethal!

Avoid situations of increased risk which are marked with a warning sign in this operating manual. The default limit is set at 1. It can be changed between 1. Aladin TEC 2G gives no warning about this. If the computer should fail for any reason, you must ascend at a rate of 10m 30ft per minute or less. Aladin TEC 2G does not substitute for a dive buddy. Aladin TEC 2G does not increase your knowledge of diving.

Make sure that you always use back-up instrumentation including a depth gauge, submersible pressure gauge, digital bottom timer or dive watch, and have access to decompression tables whenever diving with a dive computer. For more details visit www.


ScubaPro Aladin 2G for tech diving?

Dive Planner The no-dive warning and its duration are displayed Select dive planner if Aladin 2G detects an increased risk due to the accumulation of microbubbles. Set the contrast by pushing Low contrast: Diving In Mountain Lakes Desaturation time indicated at this moment refers to adaptation time at this altitude. Level Stop And Deco Stop This is the calculation that Aladin 2b would switch to in case, having reached the switch depth, the diver did not confirm the switch. Aladin 2G returns automatically to this display. Diving In Mountain Lakes Desaturation time indicated at this moment refers to adaptation time at this altitude.

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Uwatec Aladin 2G - New for 2010?



Istruzioni per l'uso SCUBAPRO-UWATEC ALADIN 2G 2010



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