Chapter 9. Humanitarian Intervention in History Abstract The resort to war has always been justified by its instigators, although these justifications have not always been based on ethical claims. While in the modern era this rationale has rarely been advanced in such emphatic and honest terms, realists maintain that the logic of power lies behind all military actions see Chapter 4. Aidan Hehir Chapter The fusion of many major IR themes generated great interest in the intervention, its origins and possible repercussions, and a subsequent plethora of academic investigations. Iraq Abstract The invasion and occupation of Iraq generated unprecedented controversy and caused a deep division within the international community.

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Gentian Zyberi, Protecting Community Interests through International Law edited volume, in progress, expected Book chapters 1. Tzanakopoulos, A. Nollkaemper, and Y.

Shany eds. Articles 1. Main publications Books 2. Zyberi ed. Zyberi and Q. Zyberi eds. List of publications book chapters and articles G. Zyberi and A. Sali and G. Zyberi and S. Fofana and Kondewa, Case No. Hoffmann and A. Nollkaemper ed. Wessel eds. Anheier and Mark Juergensmeyer eds. Klip and G. Sluiter eds. Zyberi, Judgement Commentary , in A. Zyberi, Sentencing Judgment Commentary , in A. Zyberi, Evidentiary Decisions Commentary , in A. Zyberi, Indictment Commentary , in A.

Zyberi, Jurisdiction Commentary , in A. Book reviews 1. William A. Mark Lattimer ed. Oxford University Press. Wildy, Simmons and Hill Publishing. Cambridge University Press. Edward Elgar Publishing. Springer Nature. Show summary This chapter provides a critical assessment of the enforcement system of international humanitarian law IHL , also referred to as the law of armed conflict LOAC or jus in bello. The notion of enforcement should be distinguished from that of implementation, which is much broader, in that enforcement involves at least some degree of sanctioning for violations of IHL, which could encompass individual criminal responsibility or State responsibility and liability for reparations.

After briefly discussing several factors that induce compliance with IHL, this chapter focuses on IHL enforcement at the three possible levels. At the domestic level, the chapter starts from the obligations imposed on States under the Geneva Conventions GCs and their two Additional Protocols of AP1 and AP2 , including the obligation to investigate and prosecute war crimes amounting to grave breaches.

Another type of enforcement mechanisms addressed here includes international criminal courts and tribunals. Chapter 3. United Nations - related criminal courts and tribunals: Fleeting mirages of transitional justice or a piecemeal approach to cosmopolitan justice?

Transnational Legal Theory. To that aim, the article evaluates the role and contribution of key UN-related criminal courts and tribunals towards developing a commonly shared concept and model of cosmopolitan justice which furthers peace and ensures the protection of populations from mass atrocity crimes, namely genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. The analysis is based mainly on comparing the mandate of UN-related criminal courts and tribunals and relevant UN documents on transitional justice with the practice of these UN-related criminal courts and tribunals.

Commentary Judgement, Prosecutor v. Part III Judgements 6. Chapter Nordic Journal of Human Rights. Chapter 6. Kapittel Part III. Human Rights in Post-Conflict Situation.

Leiden Journal of International Law. Netherlands International Law Review. NJCM Bulletin. The development and interpretation of international human rights and humanitarian law rules and principles through the case-law of the international Court of justice. Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights. Defense Perspectives on International Criminal Justice.

Zyberi, Gentian ed. An Institutional Approach to the Responsibility to Protect. International Law of Human Rights.


Humanitarian Intervention

Photo: Sgt. Craig J. Shell, U. The court will investigate evidence uncovered by the European Union Special Investigative Task Force of forced detention, torture, murder and, perhaps most shockingly , organ-harvesting allegedly committed by former members of the Kosovo Liberation Army KLA from 1 January to 31 December They are the same actors that assumed executive authority in Kosovo for half of the three-year time period under examination.


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