Early life[ edit ] Konings started keeping cichlids when he was 14 years old in Soon he was breeding rare African cichlids and working as an assistant to the largest tropical fish dealer in the Netherlands. Academic studies and early career[ edit ] From he studied medical biology at the University of Amsterdam and was awarded his Ph. He chose this field despite his love of ichthyology due to a fear that if he chose the latter field he would be unemployable.

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The total number of cichlid species in the lake is now estimated at about , which is about more than all the freshwater fish species of the North American Continent combined! And there is every indication that still more remain to be discovered. This fifth, revised, edition of the definitive study of Lake Malawi cichlids discusses and illustrates more species than any previous publication.

Basing his study on more than hours of underwater observations all over the lake, the author characterizes the species by their habitat preference, distribution, feeding and breeding behavior, and coloration. More than excellent photographs illustrate the cichlid fauna of the entire lake. Almost all of these photographs were taken in the lake and show the fishes in their natural habitat.

Over the years Malawi cichlids, which are among the most colorful freshwater fishes known, have become very popular among aquarists as they are easy to maintain and breed in captivity. And in recent years an ever-increasing number of aquarists, interested in the natural environment of their fishes, have been inspired to visit Malawi and observe the cichlids in the lake itself.

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Malawi Cichlids in their Natural Habitat, New 5th Revised & Expanded Edition 2016 by Ad Konings



Ad Konings




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