All of the members of the committee understood that we would publish an interim code in and a major new one in Little did we know what the future held. How we got there is the basis of this memo. Practicing structural engineers in the United States understand that ACI does not become a legal code until it is incorporated into a model building code, which is normally then adopted by a local jurisdiction as its building code. In recent history, there have been three recognized model building code agencies in the United States. Each is used in different geographical areas of the U.

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Abstract: Note: A newer version of this document exists. The code portion of this documents covers the proper design and construction of buildings of structural concrete. The code has been written in such form that it may be adopted by reference in a general building code and earlier editions have been widely used in this manner.

The quality and testing of materials used in construction are covered by reference to the appropriate ASTM standard specifications. Because the ACI Building Code is written as a legal document so that it may be adopted by reference in a general building code, it cannot present background details or suggestions for carrying out its requirements or itent. It is the function of this commentary to fill this need. The commentary discusses some of the considerations of the committee in developing the code with emphasis given to the explanation of new or revised provisions that may be unfamiliar to code users.

References to much of the research data referred to in preparing the code are cited for the user desiring to study individual questions in greater detail. Other documents that provide suggestions for carrying out the requirements of the code are also cited. Please contact member services for pricing. Request an unlock code for Superuser or Staff access. Unlock Code: Please enter this 5 digit unlock code on the web page.


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Building code requirements for structural concrete : (ACI 318-99) ; and commentary (ACI 318R-99)


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