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Clean regularly the chain with an appropriate chaincleaner. Never use alkali based or acid based solvents such as rust cleaners. If those solvent be used chain might break and cause serious injury. Be sure to check the table below before selecting which pin to use. If connecting pins other than reinforced connecting pins are used, or if a reinforced connecting pin or tool which Chain is not suitable for the type of chain is used, sufficient 9-speed super narrow chain connection force may not be obtained, which could such as cause the chain to break or fall off.

The chain will be damaged if it is cut at a place where it has been joined with a reinforced connecting pin or an end pin. If the tension is too weak or the chain is damaged, the chain should be replaced. If this is not done, the chain may break and cause serious injury. After riding approximately km 60 miles , re- check the tightening torques.

If the tightening torques are too weak, the crank arms or pedals may come off and the bicycle may fall over, and serious injury may occur as a result.

If there are any cracks, the crank arm may break and you may fall off the bicycle. Loose, worn or damaged parts may cause the bicycle to fall over and serious injury may occur as a result. We strongly recommend only using genuine Shimano replacement parts. If adjustments are not carried out correctly, the chain may come off and this may cause you to fall off the bicycle which could result in serious injury. Also, be sure to retighten the crank arms and pedals at periodic intervals.

Use a torque wrench to securely tighten the pedals. The right-hand crank arm has a right-hand thread, and the left- hand crank arm has a left-hand thread. In addition, cleaning the chain with neutral detergent and lubricating it can be a effective way of extending the useful life of the chainrings and the chain.

If the noise is a problem, shift the chain onto the next-larger rear sprocket or the one after. It cannot be used with the double front chainwheel, as the shifting points do not match. Furthermore, check that the shifting lever does not touch the bicycle frame when the handlebars are turned all the way.

Technical Service Instructions In order to realize the best performance, we recommend that the following combination be used.


Câmbio dianteiro para Bicicleta Shimano Acera FD-M360



Shimano FD-M360 Service Instructions



SHIMANO ACERA Rear Derailleur 9-speed


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