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Step 1 Configuring the PointBus Subnet 1. Next, add the modules that will be added to the PointBus subnet. Configure each module as needed by opening the parameters double click the Icon or Right click and go to Properties. After the modules have been properly configured properly double click on, or right click and go to properties for the ADN X at Node The Node number is fixed at 00 on the PointBus network and cannot be changed. Next Map the devices to the scanlist. There are 2 methods to mapping devices, using the Automap on add feature and adding the devices manually to the Input and Output tables through the advanced mapping button.

Using the single arrow adds double arrow adds or removes devices to or from the scanlist and using the devices to or from the scanlist. Once the modules have been added to the scanlist. Looking at the Input tab it is also important to note the devices added to the scanlist will be automapped in the order in which they were added to the scanlist. Below they are all shown in node order.

In the picture above, notice the node order of the modules in the data table also notice that the bit location of each piece of data is also highlighted in the map when selected. Notice that choosing the memory pull down left center the buffer Polled, COS or Strobed can be selected for each module. They can be mapped to any one buffer or any combination of buffers. Here, Polled was chosen. To change the connection type to Polled, select the module in the List above and choose unmap. Then use the pull down to obtain the connection This will map the module to the new location again you may choose to use the advanced mapping function.

Move now to the Output Tab. Repeat this process. Note: there is only one buffer to map the modules. After the scanner configuration is complete save the. Click the Associate File button. Then select the filename to associate with this ADN X. Save the File. As before on the PointBus Subnet make sure the correct firmware was chosen. Again, make sure you have selected the correct firmware revision. Next double click on the ADN X or right click and choose properties. Then click the Apply button to save the association to the properties.

Then, give the file a name and click OK. Next, open the scanner Properties, again by double clicking or Right click and choose properties. Then open the scanlist tab. Add the ADN X to the scanlist by clicking on the module. The click on the single arrow or click on the double arrow. This adds the module to the scanners scanlist. Look at the Input and Output tabs now to see where the data will be mapped in the Controller Tags for the Processor. Again, the data can be mapped manually using the Advanced mapping feature.

It has been expanded to show all the bit definitions for each module connected to the Scanner side of the ADN X. Look at the Output tab for the bit definitions. These correspond to the RSLogix data tags. Choose your Subnet file and Click Open Next, choose the communications path you will be using to go Online to the Network.

Next, set the Then, choose your path to the path by clicking the Set Online Path button. AND X module. Here we are using the KFD to set the path. Click Apply and then click OK. Click the Online button. Allow the Network to download Part 2 Next, open the Main network file created earlier and choose your main network file.

Click the Set Online Path Button. Next, Choose your path to the main network. Click the OK button. Next, Go online to the Main Network. Click Apply button will become on the previous window to set new Allow the Browse to complete and then either download to each module individually by right clicking on the module and choose Download to Device or right click in the white background of the graph and choose Download to Network.


Allen-Bradley 1734-VHSC24 I/O Module, Series C Counter, with Source, 1 Channel, 24VDC



Allen Bradley 1734-VHSC24



Allen-Bradley 1734-VHSC24



Allen Bradley 1734-VHSC24 POINT I/O Very High Speed Counter Module, 24V DC


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