Zulkilmaran Cargo category codes have many possible character combinations. Additional requirements may include fresh water washdown facilities at a final overseas port or site. Responsibilities of the transport group embarkation officer include the following: Port throughput data should consider not only port amohibious capability and capacity, but also the availability of transportation assets operating within the theater capable of moving and sustaining forces away from the port. Communications Support Communications support should be coordinated with the embarking unit s S Trailer hitch bolt recess. A supply of new hoses should be am;hibious in reserve.

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Tautaur This list requires modification based on the unit size, the washdown location, and available host nation support. Port throughput data should consider not only port offload capability and capacity, but also the availability of transportation assets operating within the theater capable of moving and sustaining forces away from the port.

If a DR associated with a pre-existing Marine air refueling mission falls out i. These markings must not be removed or painted over. Military inspectors will vary depending on their branch of Service.

When designated locations coincide with black paint camouflage schemethe markings may be moved to allow for painting on a contrasting color background or may be painted earth brown or green. Billeting guides should be made available to provide squad-size or platoon-size unit tours for the first few days to ensure Marines are familiar with all spaces aboard ship. The second data plate is the CSC safety approval data plate.

A review of the SLCP or liaison with the ship will indicate existing requirements. Typical uses of the most important items are explained in the following subparagraphs. Requirements of Airlift Channel Service is provided based on the amount of cargo to move through a given established channel.

Transport element embarkation officer Not applicable The transport element embarkation officer does not have a Navy counterpart. The inspector will examine the stowage designator located on the upper left corner on three sides.

Military Decal The embarkation NCO will conduct inspections with the embarkation officer, note all problems, and then embariation them in a reasonable amount of time. Origin The beginning point of deployment; the point or station where a movement requirement is located. He is in general support of the TEOs, ensuring personnel, cargo, and equipment are marshalled, staged, moved, and embarked in accordance with published timelines. Routing considerations due to bridge capacities.

Its Level IV information is combined with the planned transportation routing requirements and geographic codes GEOCODEs to provide a complete picture of the cargo, vehicles, and equipment the organization needs to move and how those items will be transported to the final destination. For example, a radio battalion detachment may need to move from Hawaii to Korea in January.

Organization Code One Character Each organization has its own one-digit code. Overseas unified commanders are responsible for compliance with DTR R, Part V, which establishes guidelines for processing and shipping DOD-sponsored retrograde material. Marines can fall under this category after completing training. Based on the expected pace of the backload operation, a clean vehicle staging area should be established and capable of staging clean, inspected gear. The CRG may require load team augmentation.

Many times military customs inspectors are US and host nation officials. It is made up of three elements: Coordinating and supervising loading plans execution.

It provides transportation planners a breakdown of equipment by type for movement and sourcing of lift assets. The ship s platoon. Items identified as hazardous are required to have the proper HAZMAT identification labels placed on three sides of the container for shipment.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following: Embarked troop regulations detail the policies and procedures to which embarked LF and NSE personnel must conform. After an initial estimate is completed, consider the following to reduce the overall cost of the SAAM: Combat A combat loading method gives primary consideration to providing the ability to debark troops and cargo ready for combat rather than for economy of space.

Unit Embarkation Handbook Buses Buses are normally ordered to be in position for loading a minimum of one hour before scheduled departure time. This box is for unitizing equipment, mobile loading, containerization, and L pallet building. Several hose lines with 90 psi outputs can be routinely operated off a single truck. The area needs to be able to stage each L pallet on three pieces of dunnage. On the other hand, SAAM airlift is used to move entire units.

Embarkation Supplies Units need to either maintain an ample supply of embarkation supplies e. Additional references include the following: Some of the embarkation-related data fields are duplicated in the F11W and described in the F11W paragraph later in this appendix.

Reports Major subordinate commands normally establish formats and the type of embark reports with respective due dates from their subordinate units. TOP Related Articles.



Nazuru Any item requiring palletizing that exceeds a length of 20 feet. This box is for unitizing equipment, mobile loading, containerization, and L pallet building. Identify billeting and services available on assigned Military Sealift Command shipping. By its embarkatiin entry on both ends, it can be filled with bulk items or fitted with 36 inserts. C Military Decal Because of these stringent standards, inspections of vehicles and equipment will be conducted only amphibiou daylight hours. Steel decked cars transport a wide variety of wheeled assets while wooden decked cars specifically transport steel tracked assets, such as bulldozers. Determining LF requirements for assault shipping.



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